Entrepreneurs have a special opportunity to gain a wealth of on hands knowledge and expertise in their field and publishing a book is one way they can share this wisdom. However, a lot of individuals get turned off from the idea due to all of the work and knowledge needed for the process. It requires a strong strategy, messaging, and creative juices to come to fruition, but it is possible for anyone and everyone who wants to share their story. 

In this episode of the Dream cast, Denise Walsh and Michelle Vandepas touch on a bit of everything. They discuss TEDx, publishing, serial entrepreneurship, and marketing. Michelle also shares her experience mentoring other entrepreneurs and authors. As a coach, she helps clear a path for authors to truly share their voices. In the world of publishing, things become complicated quickly. A coach helps you tackle the technical, allowing you to focus on your voice. Book coaches are also wonderful for helping direct your message. Michelle speaks about how important it is to realize your purpose specifically when creating your message. Your purpose can be hard to see when you’re over your head trying to learn what an ISBN number is or how many pages make for a bestseller. 

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