Meet Our Founders

GracePoint Publishing, was co-created by Karen Parker and Michelle Vandepas. Their combined 60 years experience in entrepreneurship, publishing and marketing helps authors and visionary leaders to promote their work. 

Karen Curry Parker

Founder/Board member

Best-selling author of seventeen books, superstar coach, TEDx speaker, and award-winning podcaster, you'll love having Karen on your team. With all her personal writing experience with large and small publishing houses (and self-publishing) Karen has all the knowledge needed to guide your and your book to best-selling status.

michelle vandepas


Best-selling author of three books, author coach to Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield clients, TEDx speaker, Michelle has helped publish over 1,000 books in the last two decades. As an entrepreneur, Michelle combines her book knowledge with marketing and business sense to create a book that will sell!



Tascha Yoder brings her MBA and a wealth of experience to GracePoint Publishing. As Program Advisor, she helps authors understand what they’re getting themselves into (in a positive way) as they consider working with us. Tascha brings over 25 years of experience in consulting and coaching and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients and solopreneurs. She excels in a multi-faceted client approach and combines life coaching, entrepreneurship, corporate consulting, leadership skills, team building, spiritual practices, and system dynamics as she figures out exactly how best to help her clients succeed. At the tender age of 16, Tascha became addicted to crossword puzzles, honing her way with words into a first place showing at a local competition in 2013.


Director, Number Three Productions
Mark is a musician, a producer, a creator, and a thought leader who applies the lens of economic theory to emerging digital media markets. His diverse background of mathematics, economics, audio production, music composition, dance performance, and a passion for mental health awareness helps him bring a unique perspective to the world of sound. He believes passionately in the mission of Number Three Productions and can’t wait to amplify your voice to disrupt the world. If he’s not producing audio, you can probably find him studying the word flows and rhyme schemes of his favorite underground hip hop artists.


Communication & Culture Manager
Carly is a lifelong lover of words, writing, and storytelling. Having graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology, Carly fell in love with combining her passion for writing with her love for understanding people. Carly is responsible for many of the communications authors and clients receive from GracePoint and prides herself in being someone they can come to to get the answers they need. In addition to her communications responsibilities, Carly has been appointed as the “Manager of Fun” for GracePoint and always likes to find a way to get the team to celebrate a random national holiday or gather for some trivia. When she isn’t at work doing the job she loves she is hiking, cooking soup, crocheting, training for her next half marathon, playing video games with her boyfriend, Wilson or snuggling with her fur babies, Aldo and Soup.


In-House Senior Editor
As In-House Senior Editor, Laurie brings decades of academia to the team. She provides writers with the professional editing they need while wrangling in any stray punctuation. Her freelance editing work includes best-sellers, memoirs, and children’s books, as well as other publications. Laurie has worked in behavioral health, mental wellness, nonprofit spaces, and has led workshops in various healing fields. Laurie enjoys hiking the beautiful Rockies with friends, family, and her dog Gumbo.


Lexi is an author coach and editor specializing in developmental editing. As an author herself, she understands the ins and outs of creating a book and building the courage to cross the publishing finish line. She is responsible for helping authors fill in the blanks to crafting their best stories and uncovering real narrative messages in the literature. When she's not elbows deep in a good book, Lexi can be found traveling. She loves writing, new adventures, family time, and a sunny day at the beach.


Developmental Editor
Amy is a writer and editor who specializes in creative nonfiction and memoir genres. She has an extensive and diverse background ghostwriting for multiple publications and digital platforms. Her first book baby, a travel and local interest guide about her Alabama hometown Secret Mobile, was published in 2022. Amy has an MA in creative writing and an MPS in publishing. As an editor, Amy is passionate about helping other authors actualize their creative visions and tell their stories in their unique authorial voices. Amy is a widowed mother to three incredible daughters, an angel son, a dog, and two cats. Amy most enjoys being outdoors reading, practicing yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, running, and exploring.


Assistant Publisher
Clementine is an adventurer, artist, and entrepreneur. She runs her online business, Clemstarz, where she is able to bring her abstract artwork into everyday life with a collection of stylish products. Her involvement with the Publishing Industry and writing has grown in the last 3 years through her involvement with Write On, Ann Arbor, Courage Publishing and now Grace Point! When she is not on a journey, making artwork, or attending to business, she likes to sip coffee at a cafe and people watch wherever her adventures take her.


Sarah is a bookkeeper with over 15 years of working with small businesses. She specializes in knowing the numbers. She is responsible for keeping the finances running smoothly and oversees internal accounting. When she's not crunching the numbers, Sarah is inspired daily by her husband and 2 kids. She loves hiking, lounging at the pool, chocolate chip cookies, and puzzles.


Graphic Designer
Kristina is a graphic designer with a passion for every pixel. She brings her experience, intuition, and detail into every project for the authors and team at GracePoint. Her greatest joy is being a part of the process of helping an author's dream of writing and publishing a book come true. Kristina goes the extra step, reading parts of the manuscript or combing through files to get a real feel for what the author might want, and then she brings it to life with a unique cover. In her spare time, she enjoys learning more tricks in Photoshop, or being with her husband and three kids, her 168-pound dog Stewart, two cats, and her tortoise named Harold. She also puts forth great effort into trying not to eat the sweets her husband likes to bake.


Office Assistant & Interior Designer
Ariel has been reading and writing ever since she learned how. Graduating with a bachelor's in the business side of English, Ariel continues to learn and grow here at GracePoint! She works along with our team on the interior design of our author's books. On a sunny day, you can find Ariel out on a hike with a book playing in her earbuds. On rainy days, she would rather be cuddled up on the couch with her cats.


Ad Manager
Sonja Dewing is a best-selling author, social media influencer, and a whiz at Amazon ads. She's our ad expert and works out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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