“It is important to understand that living in disconnection may be limiting the experiences in life that ultimately would highlight our excellence or our genius.

The world cannot afford this loss of connection to ourselves, to our bodies, to our families, to others, and to the possibilities around us.”

 – Dr. John Daugherty, author of The Health Code: Aligning the Mind and Body for Optimal Wellness and today’s narrator on the first chapter segment of the GracePoint Publishing podcast

As many of us know, creating a healthy relationship with yourself can feel like a daunting, or even impossible, challenge to undertake. Dr. John Daugherty knows exactly what it feels like to try to begin healing your body and mind from his own healing journey, but also from years of working as a healer himself. His book, The Health Code, is an insightful system for tapping into your anatomy’s raw curative power. Full of energizing know-how, cathartic exercises, and transformative visualizations, Dr. Daugherty presents his methods in an easily understood and accessible format. Using these innovative tactics, you’ll form a deeper link to your inner rhythms and finally reclaim your best soul-driven life.

Join us today as Dr. John Daugherty reads for us the Preface and A Note from the Author from The Health Code.

A Note from the Publisher:

Due to the nature of this episode of the GracePoint Publishing podcast featuring the narration of a written work that is the intellectual property of the author and GracePoint Matrix, LLC, we are unable to provide a full transcript. If you would like assistance in accessing the written form of this podcast episode, please contact the producer at mark@numberthreeproductions.com.