Do you have a book idea ready to be birthed?

We started a new model  – Collaborative, Partnership Publishing: and work with our authors to bring their books to market for a win/win solution for both author and publisher.


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Karen and Michelle talk about publishing and what you need to know!

We are a full-service publishing company and we can take you from idea to marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started your book yet, or have a full manuscript ready to go, we’d love to talk and see how we might collaborate!

These are just a few of the hundreds of books we’ve helped to self-published or published.

The Saffest Place Possible
Inside The Body Of God
Human Design A Complete Collection
Evolution Guide 2020
Human Design Manifesting Generators
Abundance Design
Purpose The Alignment Guide
Surf Lessons
Aromatherapy For Sleep
Aromatherapy For Sleep
2019 Human Design Evolution Guide
The Covert Passive Agressive Narcissist
Awakening The Modern Women
5 Habits Abundant Christian Life
Human Evolution Guide 2020
Real Spirituality
Your Inner River of Peace
Doors of Love and Light
10 Ways of Life
Messages From Your Loving Self
The Colorways of Time
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Just a few of the authors we have worked with:

“Karen has a gift for providing encouragement, support, and holding writers accountable to fulfill their dreams of writing in a gentle way only encourages more and better writing and not less. She has an incredible flair for marketing, using the most up-to-date tools for publication and social and Internet networking.  She is highly knowledgeable about all phases of book production and publication. Even more important are her psychic and other metaphysical gifts which enable her to penetrate to the true essence of what writers are trying to accomplish, help them discover their blocks, and find ways to overcome them.” Beverly Flyke

Clay Stevens
Doug Stevenson
Rebekkah Hanson
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Empower Press
Grace Light Press
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