The top 10 things every author should know before publishing!

How does your message contribute to the healing, transformation or sustainability of the planet?

GracePoint Publishing is a traditional publishing company – with a twist.


We are collaborative and work with our authors to promote their books, their message, and their work in the world.

Just like traditional publishers, we don’t charge for publishing. We accept completed manuscripts for review and one of our acquisition editors will then make contact and discuss next steps. We may identify needs within the manuscript like development, deep or light editing, fact-checking, and other publishing obstacles.

(If you don’t have a manuscript yet, no worries, keep reading!)

GracePoint publishes books, ebooks, audio books, podcasts, videos and courses. We specialize in subjects such as Human Design, New Economy, Quantum Thought, Inspirational, and Health and Wellness. We focus on inspirational non-fiction, business, and personal development and also have faith-based press and an inspirational children’s press.

It’s about relationships

How we differ from traditional publishers is our relationships with our authors. We have book coaches, client care specialists, and marketing experts on staff in the USA and Canada. We have support teams available for phone and video calls, as well as optional monthly workshops to help authors understand how to sell more books and to understand book sales on our end. Many traditional publishers are limited in their understanding of online marketing, funnels, pay per click advertising, podcasting, and tele-summits but our founders have more than sixty years’ combined experience in the field to help elevate authors’ chances for success through greater exposure.

What about agents?

Because not every great writer has access to hiring agents, our mission is to give all writers the same accessibility to publishing options, therefore, we work directly with writers and do not work through agents. We are different from other traditional publishers because they only accept certain types of manuscripts (and often only on request) and reject high numbers of submissions without giving reasons. If we reject your manuscript, we’ll tell you how to fix it and any potential costs. We want to know your ideas, and we want you to succeed.

If we accept your manuscript as is, you’ll then receive a publishing contract under one of our presses for ebook, paperback, and possible audiobook.

Then, we take care of everything involved with publishing. For instance, all manuscripts go through a series of steps before they become books. An initial read is done, and if there are improvements to be made, we help you by partnering you with one of our editors. Even if there are no structural changes to be made, it must still go through the steps of copyediting, proofing, book cover design, interior design, ISBN, and Library of Congress number assignment for both paperback and ebooks.

Once complete, we submit your book to worldwide distributors and work on your behalf for your book to be picked up by them. We have relationships with the major retailers through our distribution network, which creates greater opportunity for you and for the success of your book.

So, what about the money?

So (you might ask), how do we make our money and stay in business? Most of the time when we get a book submitted, it’s in one of these stages:

  • Idea waiting to be birthed
  • Some outline or a limited number of words written, or an incomplete manuscript
  • Writers who are stuck, and need help to see their manuscript to completion.
  • Manuscript that needs editing.
Our paid programs aid and assist writers in all stages of pre- publishing, and post-publishing. First, we’ll work with you so your manuscript is in top-notch shape so it not only gets published, but also gets stellar reviews and increased book sales, making it a book you can be proud of! We encourage each writer’s direct involvement with developmental editing, book launch plans, ongoing marketing, and PR

What makes us different?

We are passionate about the planet, humanity, and making a positive difference in the world. We seek out marginalized voices and those who feel unheard or unseen. We care about our authors who want to contribute their voice toward conscious change. (We only work with non-fiction and, in rare instances, inspiring fiction and children’s books) We work in collaboration every step of the way to make sure the book reflects the author’s voice (not all publishing companies do that!) and we have robust ongoing marketing strategies, so the books are not just languishing and fading away on online platforms.

GracePoint Publishing’s experience and vision has evolved over time, growing from the early days of self-publishing consulting, to a more hybrid approach, to a full-on traditional publishing company with consulting, marketing, and coaching divisions. If you are determined to self-publish, we can help there too! You can benefit from our years of expertise! Our professional teams treat every author with respect, listening to the vision and goal for each potential book. Our expanded marketing division and distribution teams understand trends, and will design a launch strategy that meets the goals of the author and publisher.

Please reach out for more information and to talk with a senior publisher and find out the next step for your book.

We want to help authors have their voices heard, their stories told, and their messages shared as we believe in the development and evolution of humankind.

Michelle and Karen

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P.S. Oh, and how else we are different? Higher royalties! Click here to submit your manuscript for review, or here to find out more and to talk with a publisher.