Welcome to the first installment of our First Chapters segment on the GracePoint Publishing podcast!

Today, Jo Ann Levitt, GracePoint Publishing bestselling author, narrates a chapter from her book Awakening to the Power of Source.

 You’ll want to listen to this story several times, the more you listen, the more messages you hear and the more takeaways you receive! Join Jo Ann as she voices George and Georgianna, two fish sharing their view from the Piscean Kingdom in which they reside. Listen here.


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Welcome to the Grace Point Publishing podcast. Today we begin a new segment where our authors narrate a chapter of their book for you. Today, Joanne Levitt shares a story from her book, awakening to the power of source, your guide to co creating with the divine. Please see the shownotes for information on how to buy Joanne’s work, and connect further with her message. And now, here’s your narrator. Joanne love it.

Jo Ann 

In the process of learning to channel and co-create with the divine, I’ve had a wonderful diversion. Learning also that animals are very sensitive to us humans, and that if we listen closely, we can tune in to their conversation, and the thoughts they are thinking. This is George. And I’ll speak to you briefly but quite honestly, I’m afraid I don’t have much to say right now. Sitting here in the midst of all this human traffic, I confess that the lack of stillness and privacy serves as a great distraction. Hello, I’m Georgiana, and I’m circling around keeping a lookout on my husband, George, who no longer participates, and who seems to be greatly troubled by our Piscean kingdom. I’m not troubled. That’s not a good characterization. I’m simply complete, as in done, over, finished. I’ve had enough of roaming around this small space, which offers only a few caverns, rocks and trees, and maybe a tiny cave in which to sleep, or continue one’s explorations. Life here and this enclave no longer interests me. I’ve told you that before. Please, don’t take it personally. I don’t take it personally. Of course, I to feel a sense of alienation. After all, our kids are still caught up in the fish race, playing hide and seek exploring all there is to be explored. But I’m not yet done, George. There’s still more to see and do and much more to learn. I’m perfectly content with the role of watcher, which was assigned to me even before you came on scene. Watcher is such a stupid roll. What is there to watch in this three by five space? You’ve been through every nook and cranny Georgiana, you’ve seen fish come and go. And you’ve raised our own brood in a matter of five or 10 minutes. Don’t you see? There’s so much more to life than what we have here. I understand that George, I can see out the window just like you can. The difference is that I’m still embodied. And I’m still here, observing everything from a place of neutrality. For me, that provides a greater challenge, and at the same time an even greater reward. Well, I know nothing about that. Having never been designated a watcher. But it seems to me that I do a hell of a lot more watching than you do. That may be true, since you spend most of your time at the top of this tank, with your head touching the ceiling. What are you looking at with so much longing and anticipation? I’m longing to get out of here. Look at that vast world surrounding us. Look at the people coming and going as well as the young children who stopped to gaze at us and follow our movements. Doesn’t that excite you? Don’t you want to be out there moving around in that larger world? Not really. I’m content to be where I am. There’s enough going on inside of me and outside of me to keep me busy and occupied here. It just makes me sad to see you floating up there. For hours, life has otherwise lost all its charm for you. You’re right on that score. And the other thing that troubles me is that you no longer fulfill on your promise. You’ve relinquished your sacred mission. While you spend all that time looking outward. Oh, I don’t know about that. For instance, this older woman who’s been staring at me for the last 20 minutes, while she waits for her appointment with her doctor has certainly reaped the benefits of her time with me. How do you know? Can you tell my solitary placement here at the top of our tank has got her entranced. She may be watching me, but I’ve been keeping track of her just the same. In fact, I’ve been counting carefully. Her blood pressure has already dropped 20 points and is still plummeting. She won’t need a higher dose of her medication when she goes in to see the doctor. Oh, good work, George. That’s fabulous. Thank you. I knew you’d appreciate it.


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