Awakening to the Power of Source: Your Guide to Co-Creating with the Divine



Why work so hard, no matter what your work is? Whether you’re called to bring forth a new book, a business, a computer code, a course or any creative endeavor, you can now expand its platform and potential, producing it with newfound (and often unexpected) help. That’s because Awakening to the Power of Source points you in the direction of engaging more consciously, more joyously, and more deliberately in the practice of co-creating with Spirit. Step by step, you learn the varied technologies that help you summon, recognize, and receive the vast knowledge available to you through Spirit Guides and helpers. Such collaboration not only magnifies your own efforts, but also provides direct support from your Divine “team,” multiplying and converting your creative powers into Super-powers! As a result, you awaken to the realization of your own Divinity and to the splendid playing field that exists once you’ve acknowledged yourself as Source!

Longtime spiritual counselor and teacher, Jo Ann Levitt sheds new light on the practice of channeling as co-creation in her latest work: Awakening to the Power of Source: Your Guide to Co-Creating with the Divine. A prolific author as well as lecturer and program designer, Jo Ann was a senior Kripalu faculty member for thirty years and continues to teach meditation and provide spiritual counseling at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.

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