How many times have you thought about writing a book, but then just never started? It is easy to become overwhelmed by the questions, worries, and details when writing your own book. The process involves dozens of minor details. For most authors, these details aren’t the aspect of their book that gets them out of bed in the morning. Instead, they just want to focus on writing.

Michelle Vandepas joins Jay Owen on his podcast, “Building a Business that Lasts”. With over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, Michelle understands the complexity of publishing. She has learned the best way to account for all the minor details and helps authors spark their passion and allow them to focus on writing. In this podcast episode, Michelle and Jay cover topics on how books can help you build your platform and what direction you should take as a writer. This episode can help authors gain some peace of mind about the details, allowing them to focus on what’s important. Additionally, you can sign up for a no-obligation call with Michelle here! Learn all about our various publishing packages that help you publish your best book. 

Jay Owen has spent nearly twenty years building his company Design Extensions, a Florida-based marketing agency that’s grown its revenue and profits every year since 1999. Jay has learned to balance a successful business and his dedication to his wife, Claire, and his five children. In Building a Business That Lasts, he shares all his most sought-after advice for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who reject the endless hustle and instead embrace the idea of a better way to succeed. Make sure to follow along on his social media, linked below, or at his website!

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