“I was beginning to peel away those layers of protection to reveal an amazing guiding light, rather like a spiritual navigation system guiding me to my true, authentic, inner home of love and joy. It was like an ancient familiarity, and yet at the same time, a totally fresh awareness that was beginning to dawn on me. And gradually I could see this light shining brighter in my everyday life as it began to inform me of my intuitive gifts and my future path ahead.

It had always been there within me, but I simply hadn’t noticed it because I had boxed it in and put it away.”

 – Moira Dadd, author of Cherishing Me: Letters from a Motherless Child and today’s narrator on the first chapter segment of the GracePoint Publishing podcast.

Moira Dadd’s Cherishing Me: Letters to a Motherless Child has been making an impact on readers since its release. And now, it’s available on audiobook, read by the author. 

In this captivating and emotionally powered memoir, Moira guides her reader on an intimate journey that invites them to identify their own pain and connect with the joyful healing that comes from within their soul. By detailing her own childhood experiences of abandonment and abuse, Moira addresses letters to her inner child that heal and transform her from the wounds of her youth. 

Through the comforting spoken words of the author, you will find your own joy within yourself and conquer the adversity from your own past. 

Join us today as Moira Dadd reads for us “A Letter to You, Dear Listener” from Cherishing Me.

A Note from the Publisher:

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