“In the process of learning to channel and co-create with the divine, I’ve had a wonderful diversion in learning that animals are very sensitive to us humans, and if we tune in, we can hear their conversations.

– Jo Ann Levitt

Take a ride with Jo Ann Levitt to the upper realms on your journey to divine co-creation with source. Today, Jo Ann reads a chapter of her new book, “Awakening to the Power of Source: Your Guide to Co-Creating with the Divine”, on the GracePoint Publishing Podcast.

In this chapter, Jo Ann shares some wisdom from a very spiritual animal, the crow. Through tuning into the higher frequencies of animals, Jo Ann has been able to learn countless lessons from some of the Earth’s most observant and insightful creatures. While she is happy to share the wisdom she has gained from these conversations, she also reminds us that we are just as capable of stepping outside to chat with the crow ourselves.

Jo Ann invites beginners and long-term spiritual practitioners alike to expand their perspective on channeling and step into the idea that all we must do is allow the process to come alive and realize that most of us have already been channeling in some way already. Just like any skill, it simply takes time to learn all its nuances and “Awakening to the Power of Source” is the perfect springboard to begin your journey.

Informed by a Crow by Jo Ann Levitt

“In the process of learning to channel and co-create with the divine, I’ve had a wonderful diversion in learning that animals are very sensitive to us humans, and if we tune in, we can hear their conversations.” – Jo Ann Levitt   Take a ride with Jo Ann Levitt to the upper realms on your journey to divine co-creation with source.

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to the GracePoint Publishing Podcast. Today, we continue our first chapter segment where our authors narrate a section of their book for you. In this episode, Jo Ann Levitt shares a section from her best selling book, awakening to the power of source, your guide to co creating with the divine. Please see the show notes for information on how to buy Jo Ann’s book, and connect further with her work. And now, here’s your narrator, Jo Ann Levitt.

In the process of learning to channel and co-create with the divine, I’ve had a wonderful diversion. Learning also that animals are very sensitive to us humans, and that if we listen closely, we can tune in to their conversation, and the thoughts they are thinking. I learned about the rather exalted status of the crow, from a friend of mine who said that crows are guardians of Akashic records. Those are the records of all time and all information. So I checked in with my dear friend, the Crow, who happened to be perched outside my window. Is this true? Are you in fact keepers of such records? Of course, it is true, you silly girl. Then he went on to straighten me out in terms of what I knew about crows. We are the known sentinels of the universe. He said, We guard history, we guard the past, present and future in terms of all collected knowledge. Do you think the simple call you hear from us up in the trees is just about us calling out for food, or exchanging news about the weather. Don’t be ridiculous. We have inborn sensors to warn us about food or predators. Of course, here where we live, the main predators turned out to be your automobiles as big clinking tin cans traveling down the road. No, we’ve got pretty carefree lives. For the most part. If you hear our calls, it’s most likely a sign that we’re partying up here in the trees. You have no idea what a delight it is, for us to be airborne. Flying brings the greatest pleasure. So does our constant treasure hunt for knowledge. Of course, we must tend to food gathering and caring for our young. But for the most part that involves easy scavenging. We don’t have to line up in supermarkets or in drugstores or clothing outlets in order to take care of our basic needs. You mistake our size and our simple life imagining us to be retro or mere simple tins. But you have no idea how cunning we are, or how smart you would be to if you turned out to be a sentinel for all knowledge. You humans have plotted out incredible charts of what you imagine is your evolutionary path. Please pardon this summary dear apes, monkeys and other creatures, we find it very Animalist. That’s the only word that can summarize human prejudice. In the same vein as the words racist or sexist. However, in those evolutionary charts, you’ve lined everyone up as emerging from the ocean, first fish appear then frogs, then other species, and then apes line up who can barely stand up right before the grand appearance of Homo erectus. And Homo sapiens. That’s it. If you must know, it is not only an archaic and outdated rendering, but it is founded on a thoroughly inaccurate understanding of evolution. A lot of times what you mistake for koi is just us up in the trees. Laughing hysterically weigh at the arrogance and the foolishness of humanity. Now consider the fact that you have much bigger brains than we do. You certainly pride yourself on all that gray matter, but ponder deeply in the long run, How well has that really served you? Although you may refer to us as bird brains, you don’t see any of us contemplating nuclear war, or beating up on our children. Although we may have an inborn pecking order, it would be very unlikely for us to carry out full scale destruction. It is only that bald headed earth bound creature named Alfred Hitchcock, who would ever dream up the idea of a flock of birds wishing to pounce or peck on humans. They have no interest in that. In fact, if you knew us better, you would grasp how we actually work together as a collective. It’s so much easier to get things accomplished that way. Did I mention that we even cooperate with squirrels if we’re lining up for food at one of your bird feeders, your scientists have remarked upon the fact that we actually contrive to use tools with our beaks and with our feet. However, we would never in a million years construct a tool such as a gun, even if it put us at an advantage over other species. No, we are a hardy, long lived species who love what we do love others, whether walking, swimming, or flying around in this environment. Most of all, we love carrying out our complex mission in multiple dimensions that you may never have heard of. If you think of us as small and stupid, we certainly won’t try to disabuse you of that notion. But consider this. In all the years we’ve survived together on this particular planet. You’ve never brought us down. Most of the time, you don’t even know that we’re here, listening, observing, recording, taking notes, or commenting on things that will eventually wind up in the Akashic records. Though you tend to kill things off, that are in any way different from you. We’ve never heard you call out once. Honey, it’s time to eat. We’re having roasted Chromie tonight. You know, that’s your favorite.

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