Toby Dorr’s name has been in the news lately, due to the case of Vicky White, who had a very similar story to Toby’s (both cases share the same background, same crimes, ended in Tennessee, and lasted about the same amount of time).  With this, we wanted to give a quick synopsis of the answers to the top three questions that are often asked about ‘The Dog Lady of Lansing Prison’.

Toby’s book, Living With Conviction, can be found for preorder on both our website and on Toby’s Amazon bookstore.

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Where is Toby Dorr now?

Right here, of course! She is one of our most popular authors. She has since remarried and is living her life, reformed, as a motivational speaker and author. Her and her husband visit John in prison to this day, showing that she has overcome her past and has moved on from prior mistakes.

How long did Toby Dorr serve?

Toby served 27 months in various prisons around the USA. Her story of serving and being transferred without warning and the friendships she made in prison are documented in her book.

Who is John Manard?

John was Toby’s inmate lover that she smuggled out of prison and went on the run with to Tennessee. He was sentenced to life in prison for a carjacking that ended in death. Ten additional years were added to his sentence due to his escape with Dorr.

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