Jo Ann Levittchanneling the sacred


Jo Ann Levitt, author of ‘Channeling the Sacred: Activating your Connection to Source’ is a longtime spiritual counselor and teacher. In her most recent book, she sheds new light on the ancient spiritual practice of channeling. As a prolific author, Jo Ann was a senior Kripalu faculty member for thirty years and continues to teach meditation and provide spiritual counseling. She is a licensed RN and as well as a Healing Touch practitioner. Over her years of channeled writing and spiritual practice, Jo Ann has learned that each of us is meant to be partnering with Spirit and participating in the co-creation of new and beautiful works for the benefit of humanity. Jo Ann considers herself one vehicle among many, as the work of co-creation is eternal and continually evolving.



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More and more, people are searching for ways to explore their knowledge of the Divine. ‘Channeling the Sacred: Activating your Connection to Source’ is a step-by-step guide designed to engage and deepen your relationship with Source. Along with a number of gifted mediums and channels, Jo Ann Levitt introduces a variety of methods and exercises that inspire readers to discover the delight of channeling and the power of their own transcendental experiences. As a formal introduction to channeling and a practical guide for those who want to deepen their practice, this book helps you to cultivate your connection to the Divine, while tapping into your infinite wisdom and endless creative capacity.

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