The written word creates a legacy that will live through many generations.

The act of writing a message, no matter how long, verbose, and detailed, or short, sweet, and off the-cuff, is a priceless gift.”

– Judy Helm Wright, today’s narrator and author of Write Your Family Story: Leaving a Living Legacy

You are likely one of the many people, all over the world, that are eager and anxious to learn about your family heritage – while also potentially feeling confused about your roots. Judy Helm Wright had you in mind when she wrote her book, Write Your Family Story: Leaving a Living Legacy, an approachable and common-sense guide to writing your history.

In her decades of experience helping people document the story of their families, Judy knows that there is not a single family without something to share for the generations to come. We all have a lifetime of stories in our memory banks. We have had life lessons that our children and their children will want to know and need to know. Even the stories that seem mundane provide a joyful glimpse into the small pleasures of life, and Judy promises that they are worth writing down.

The best time to begin is now. Check out the audiobook to hear Judy’s expansive list of methods for memoir making to jumpstart your writing journey today!


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