Episode 8 – Return to Radiance by Terri Gervais

November 2022 - 28mins 23seconds
“You’re invited to enter into Diamond Grace. Like entering through a temple door, a sacred space. It is also like entering into a session that you might have with a practitioner where you are entering with an open heart, knowing that you are always guiding the process. You’re choosing what to take from this journey.” […]

You’re invited to enter into Diamond Grace.

Like entering through a temple door, a sacred space. It is also like entering into a session that you might have with a practitioner where you are entering with an open heart, knowing that you are always guiding the process.

You’re choosing what to take from this journey.

– Terri Gervais, today’s guest and author of Return to Radiance: The Restorative Superpowers of Diamond Grace

On the fourth episode of our miniseries featuring authors from GracePoint Publishing’s Scribes of Light Press, Danielle Rama Hoffman and Terri Gervais take us on a spectacular journey. Danielle begins our interview today by inviting you to show up with us as if you are entering into a temple and are taking your seat on a council. This podcast is a call, and you are here with us. This podcast is for you.

Tune in today to hear more about how Terri began her journey of scribing, started the process of writing with Danielle, and the birthing of Terri’s book. And, of course, to hear all of the juicy Source-based topics that happen during these interviews!

Terri’s new book, Return to Radiance: The Restorative Superpowers of Diamond Grace, is now available in paperback and eBook form!

Find Return to Radiance on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Return-Radiance-Restorative-Superpowers-Diamond-ebook/dp/B09NFGWRQJ

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Full Transcript

Welcome to the Gracepoint Publishing Podcast. Come along with us as we get an exclusive look into what really happens as we co collaborate with our authors to craft and publish their books. Please see the show notes to find more ways to connect with our creators.

And now here’s your host, best selling author and founder of the Scribes of Light Press. With Gracepoint Publishing, Danielle Rama Hoffman.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Welcome. Welcome to this podcast on the Return to Radiance, the restorative superpowers of Diamond Grace, with scribes of light author Terry Jve. Welcome, Terry. I’m so overjoyed to be co-creating with you in this now moment.

Terri Gervais: Thank you. Thanks Danielle, and thank you, Mark, for having this podcast for us. I appreciate being able to talk about this the first time. I’m very, I can fill the team in the background, so I’d love to see what comes through.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Yeah. Thank you and welcome to each of you that are tuning in here. We’re really going to be diving into Terry’s book, which. Has such a powerful I potent message and energy, and I wanted to kick us off in a unique way. Part of the scribes of Light Press as a part of Grace Point publishing and what we’re up to is also really an energetic transmission.

And so Terry, if you’re open to it, I feel like reading a little bit of the opening from your book about kind of entering into the temple of the book would be a great way to start our podcasts out here. How’s that?

Terri Gervais: That sounds perfect. Yeah, so chapter one is let the journey begin and I’ll just read a small little transmission about that. You’re invited to enter into Diamond Grace, like entering through a temple door, a sacred space. It is also like entering into a session that you might have with a practitioner where you are entering with an open heart, knowing that you are always guiding the process.

You’re choosing what to take from this journey. As you are reading, taking the words in through your eyes and your optic nerve and your penal gland located within the physical brain, you’re holding the book in your hands. You may even place it on your heart at some point. Know that there is this energy package that is bespoke to you to support you in your resurrection of.

Like osmosis where the cells cross information from one another. There is a transmission of energy. It is a transmission of knowledge from many ascended masters who’ve walked this path and are supporting this work. This book has descended from the higher dimensional plains above the earth star, where it is written in light language and love language.

It is written in frequencies to vibrations and sound as it is being birthed into the third dimension through the hands, voice eyes, along with the frequencies and vibrations emanating from the scribe. Everything was preserved and divinely infused energetically and physically into the pages of this. If there are concepts, ideas, information that you have never heard before or that you have been taught to be false, we invite you to consider that perhaps those before you weren’t ready for this information.

When you open the book, you’re walking between the dimensions and in doing so will change. You are immersing yourself in this source, light and love language.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Hmm. So as you’re taking your seat at this podcast, I really invite you to imagine that this podcast, and if you choose to get the, the book, The Return to Radiance, which I highly recommend that you’re. Walking into a temple that’re taking your seat on a council that this podcast has been like a call that you’ve heard and you’ve answered the call, and that you have a seat here.

That even though it’s myself and. Terry and, and Diamond Grace and our guides that are speaking, you also are communicating with us. And what we speak about is directly in relationship to your presence and, and your contribution and your desire to be a part of this larger movement of the return to radiance on the Earth Star.

And so Terry and Diamond Grace, I really love. This opening because it already lets us know and gives the reader an awareness of like, there’s something else going on here in this book. Like, it’s not just, not that there’s a just, but it’s a different experience than we may have if we’re reading a, a summer novel by the pool.

There’s really an energy transmission and it’s one of the things that I just find you’re so adept at, like you transmit such a high frequency and vibration and experience and embody grace. I just love the work. So is there anything else that you would say about kind of that entering into the temple space and the heads up right, that this book, it’s a transformational journey.

Terri Gervais: Yeah, it’s a heads up in that there’s concepts that you’ve probably never been introduced before, and then just to kind of relax, Into that space and just knowing that this book will touch you somewhere, some way, somehow. And the feedback I’ve been getting is, you know, I read it in three hours. It was amazing,

And then I’ve heard, I wanna spend three years with it, you know, just reading one page at a time. So it’s really bespoke for you and what you wanna garner from the words. The frequencies and just maybe information you’ve never heard of before. It’s really your own journey. Experie.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm, mm-hmm. . Yeah. And, and the return to. And Diamond grace. You know, there’s so much energy and qualitative consciousness in the word radiance, in the word grace and the hinting it that this body of work, this book is a part of a larger. Movement on the earth star, a larger evolution and consciousness. And again, that as you’ve taken your seat at this podcast and perhaps in the book, know that you also have answered this divine appointment to be in some ways.

Accessing the restorative superpowers of diamond grays to be bringing radiance into your life. And I love how many topics as well that are gone into in the book where there’s one of my favorite topics as well in terms of return to radiance of you thing and greater vitality and physical health.

There’s also like your superpowers, your, your mission, your purpose, uh, abundance. There. It’s really multidimensional in radiance in all areas of our life. So is there anything that you would expand on, especially with the word radiance or the word grace, to just kind of bring those two components into our temple space a little bit more here.

Terri Gervais: Yeah. Uh, Radiance, just as I’ve embodied that word or that frequency, I can really feel it’s coming from a higher power, a higher source, and it’s your higher source and just allowing that light to. Into your physical body and just radiate from within. It’s not a light source like a light bulb anymore.

It’s the light. You are the light bulb. You’re really plugged into all that. You really have the capability of absorbing your whole multidimensional self and the. Aspect of the radiance is dropping this third dimensional concept of grace. And grace allows all individuals to be lived due and have the experience that they wish.

All is perfect. All experiences have a purpose. There is no judgment. Grace does not force itself upon anything. Grace Forgives Ford is giving forward of itself and allows compassion to the darkest corners of our universe and understands its purpose. Often it is an act of compassion that raises the frequency of an individual who may be in the darkest despair and bring their own internal hearts desire to eliminate the frequency of grace radiating over the earth.

Star can fam this tiny flame. There’s no expectation. However, it just gives, and the team wants to say that we’re now infusing those words with the frequency and energy of divine love. Love without expectations or limits.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Beautiful. So as we’re speaking about grace and we’re speaking about radiance, There’s a recognition of like this word return. I keep being drawn to like the return to radiance and that this energy and this topic is so relevant for everyone that’s drawn, like I know that. Is usually something I don’t say, You know, like this book is for everyone, right?

Because it’s, it’s really, you know, in relationship to those that have a divine appointment, and yet this question of radiance is up for everyone in some way or another. Whether that’s feeling depleted and not having enough energy to get through the day, or whether that’s, you know, like feeling the aging and wanting to reverse aging, which this body of work also really helps.

Or just on so many levels. So I would love for you to share about the power of I Am and the power of our spoken word to, and. And I know you can read about this, uh, you know, read from the book about this to also really bring some right relationship because sometimes we can be so unconscious about what we say or how we say things.

I think this is a really important message to share. So would you read about the, Im.

Terri Gervais: I would love to, you know, and this is very meditron energy about, you know, in the beginning the, the word was God, and God spoke the world into an existence, and it’s really trying to bring that. Into your own world, and so this little section in the book was scribed from that aspect of really being mindful of what you’re saying and that you have this huge creative power that’s force with your voice.

And so your breath is a gift of the divine mother. You are breathing her love into your heart, into your lungs. She is giving you the gift of life. Your voice is where you bring all that you desire and require into your physical experience. You must be mindful of what you speak out loud. When you speak, there are vibrations and frequencies that emanate.

These are our tractors. Whatever your desire requires shall come into your life. Be very, very aware of those words beginning with I am. This is the most powerful thing to say. For I am is the way of God. I am Is you. You are the divine spark of God. You are an I am being. When you say I am followed by a lower vibrational word, such as poor, ugly, or not worthy, you’re creating that in your life.

That is what you are reflecting. Your body’s reflecting what you are saying. Your external experience is reflecting what you are saying. Instead, be inspired to speak what you want to have be. And. Such as I am a beautiful, radiant being, having a wonderful, amazing experience. I am a loving mother, father, child, spouse, or whatever.

I am a generous and compassionate person. I am wealthy with abundance in all areas of my life. What you speak sets in motion what will occur. The more light you have in your physical body, the faster the response. Your ears are also points of access to this diamond grace portal or grid. Your ears are also vortexes.

Be mindful of what you listen to as you are bringing that into your being. These words sounds, frequencies, and vibrations are affecting your emotional state, and emotions affect the physical body. Your eyes are vortexes. What enters your optic nerve is affecting your mental body, which can affect your emotions, which then affect the physical body.

All is one. Be discerning of what you allow within these access points for all of it is affecting your inner l.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm, So beautiful. Thank you. I love as well the spoken word, the IM statements, and then also what you’re listening to, what you’re looking at, and just really also wanna sell. Great you for choosing to listen to this high vibrational podcast, to be a part of this Grace Point community and to consciously be choosing to engage with that which is uplifting, that which is calling forth even more restoration, more regeneration, more of what it is that you require and desire.

And so, What was coming up for me as you were reading was like we, I remember when the law of attraction came out and I really noticed, like I would talk to somebody and they would never say anything negative. You know, they might be like really exhausted and like their whole life was blowing up and they would just be like, Well, I’m so grateful and appreciative and you know, like really speaking the talk and.

The, the vibration was exuding something else. So I, I think it’s important that we as is things, and yet we don’t give them a lot of energy. Um, you know, that, that, just like you shared, it’s really important when we listen to what we think about, what we say, what we hear. And yet there was also that part in what you read of.

It’s not instantaneous. It also depends on how fast your vibration’s going. So what would you share as a, as a tool? And it may be, you know, talking about internal joy and how you can change your perception when somebody notices, they might be like, I am generous. And yet on the inside they’re going like, I am poor as you as those were the examples in the book to shift the perception so that the internal broadcast is matching the words more.

Terri Gervais: Yeah, that takes a lot of intention and focus and really putting that at the top of the list to really recognize when you are out of alignment with joy. Or out of alignment with your creation statements. And when you recognize it, you use the tools that are out there. And this book, obviously is one. Um, Danielle’s books are incredible for clearing that internal space, which was where my beginning foundation came from.

Really sit back and notice when you say something, if it really feels true all the way through your physical body. You know, does it feel like you’re calm? Does it feel like you’re angry? Whatever that is, just use that as your internal compass. And stick to your intentions and continue with the body of work that resonates for you in that now moment.

And it could be yoga, meditation, just simply observing, observing how other people react to what you say is a big compass to let you know if you’re really heading in the right direction.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Hmm, And would you say a little bit more about that? Because sometimes, you know, we might. Be really resonant and that can bring up something for somebody else. Yeah. So would I just feel like it, if you clarify that a little bit more, it might be helpful.

Terri Gervais: Yeah. You know, sometimes just, um, excluding yourself from what others think.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm.

Terri Gervais: I think just trying to garner more joy in your life is definitely a key to this, and I know it helped me a lot and the advice from the team, and in the book it says internal joy changes your perception of outer experiences.

Divine joy. Extraordinary joy is when your emotional body is radiating love from within. It is different from human joy, where on a hot summer day ice cream can bring you joy, or when someone gives you a gift that can bring you joy. Those are external actions or activity that are temporarily based on your emotional body at the.

Divine internal joy is when your emotional body has absorbed the light and the love from your highest expression, and is source filled with love and light. There comes a joy of knowing that you are source, that you are divine being, having a human experience. There is joy of reconnecting to your truth and to your higher purpose, and understanding the reason for your embodiment on the earth star.

This internal joy changes the perspective of your outer experiences on the earth. As you are internally joyfilled, you outwardly see and express joy to others, and you find that your normal activities bring you outward joy as well. When you are in divine alignment with your high expression of yourself, with your divine purpose and living a joyfilled life, this is bliss.

It is absent of mundane emotions, lack and lethargy. It is an inner drive to just be. It’s an inner drive to engage with others, to express whatever your gifts and talents are. And this perpetuates more.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm. Yeah. That message is so multidimensional. It’s kind of pausing to let the ripples, the vibrations to go out because there really is that shift in perception that we can have the same experience. Let’s say we’re driving somewhere and and we’re running quote onte late, and there can be an internal experience of stress or kind of slower vibrations of not wanting to.

Upset, whoever’s going to be met. And then there can be like a running late to an appointment, driving in the car and having the radio on and singing or listening to a podcast or having really this amazing experience of internal joy. So this perception, It’s so key and I know that everyone has had an experience like the Sangam exact experience.

It, how you perceive it can be so vastly different, which really returns to the opening that you shared about the osmosis and how more grace begets more grace and more radiance begets more radiance and. Exponentials out from there. So, you know, one of the things that the team often talks about and, and what we focus on as well with the scribes of light, the scribes books are like using your body of work to create your body of work or how the process of creating a podcast or creating a book, or creating a program or a meal or whatever it is for someone really.

Is an expansive experience. So I’d love to segue a little bit into your experience with birthing this body of work and the book and how you feel like you also transformed or evolved in the process and what it’s like to hold it in your hands and to have other people be sharing their feedback. So exciting.

Terri Gervais: Oh gosh. It really, it really is so exciting and, um, when I first started this journey of scribing, I was petrified. I just wasn’t. A skilled writer, uh, it was difficult to just simply write an email, but then I started this amazing journey with, with you, Danielle, and all the guidance just letting go and trusting and working, you know, one-on-one with you, working with like-minded individuals that are all in this scribe.

Journey, whether it’s painting or singing. Like you said, creating a meal or whatever. It’s just trusting what is coming forth, what’s coming from within, and listening to that inner dialogue, really paying attention because your divine mission, it’s a part of you. It’s a part of, I feel like it’s just a part of your dna.

It’s part of these codes within your body. That just need an avenue to be expressed. So this journey with this book started with fear, doubt, , I mean, all those things. Um, how could I be good enough to do this to, um, today? Just thrilled and. Just beyond belief that this is really come to fruition. And I, I have to say that most of the polishing and thrill came from working with you and with the team at Grace Point.

I mean, they really are brilliant. Their divine genius is really helping get this message out in a beautiful way. So thank you for that.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm. Yeah. Well, and as your book is about radiance and grace , you just have so much radiance and grace, and I feel like your story’s so inspirational, and I know, you know, that those that are tuning in may be in that place of like, Oh, I, I wanna create something. I know that’s, uh, the next step. And I just remember for you how.

You know, all the things that might be the, let’s say the negative self talk or the messages that may be going through the head, like you said, like, Who am I? Or, uh, I’m too busy or I don’t have the time. And I just remember while you were writing the book, you, I don’t know, you had like guess for months at a time you were remodeling your house.

I mean, you had all the physical playing kind of reasons that people might use to. Finish their book or not write their book, and yet you just sword through it. You know, you just, uh, kept going with the grace and the radiance and the body of work just really felt like it pulled you forward. So is there anything that you would, uh, share that might inspire somebody who’s going like, Oh my gosh, I’ve got kids, my husband, my, this, my that, you know, whatever, Uh, I, I can’t do my book.

I’ve gotta put it off later. Uh, because you just really kept going.

Terri Gervais: I did and, um, I, I just knew this message had to come out. It was bigger than just me, and just knew that Diamond Grace wanted her voice heard. And I decided to just make it, put it on my calendar. It, this is an appointment for this day at this time to work on this project and to give it my all and no going back.

Once I committed it, it was just, it wasn’t gonna be rewarded or relieved until it was all over . And I guess it’s just beginning now that people are reading it. So, um, but that’s a joy. I’m grateful for all of you that that helped me get this together.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm. Yeah. . Uh, okay. Well, as we’re wrapping up here, I would really invite you to check out the Return to Radiance, the restorative superpowers of Diamond Grace. I love this book. I remember as we were working on the book, uh, I did one of my hikes on Theo, and you know, my body was going, Oh, my feet hurt, my hips hurt, my, you know, whatever.

Right? Uh, and I was just like, Diamond Grace. The restorative powers of Diamond grace and I kept calling in Diamond Grace and it really buoyed my system. So there’s so much energy and tools and it is a, a transmission that I do feel like can be accessed in three hours and can also be steeped into over, over years of time.

So, I love your book. Uh, I think it’s amazing. I really encourage those that are recognizing that you came to this temple meeting as an introduction, and yet you’re, you’re called to go a little bit deeper than from the courtyard into, uh, the heart and soul, this body of work. So as we’re completing here, do you have any final words of inspiration?

What would you leave us with or Diamond Grace, Leave us with.

Terri Gervais: You know, it’s our birthright to have a grace filled life and to honor yourself in that regard and know that you are worthy. Everyone is worthy, and I just wish you a beautiful journey through the book. If you choose to read it, if you are ever wanting to connect or. Answer questions or answers. You can always connect with me.

I’m at light infusions.com, and we could work together if you feel like there’s a bigger calling.

Danielle Rama Hoffman: Mm, thank you. So as we’re completing here and we did open up temple space, I, I also. Kind of have the energy as well. Know that the energy will continue with you as you go forward into your day. You may feel an enhanced radiance and enhanced grace, and that just as you entered into this podcast with that intentionality, inviting all of us to radiate appreciation and love as we’re now leaving.

Physical now, moment of being together and, and going forth out into our days and sending you Terry and Diamond Grace. So much love and appreciation and for those of you tuning in and a big shout out to Grace’s Point Publishing as well. All right, Bye everyone.


Mark Packard: Thank you for coming along with us today on the Grace Point Publishing podcast. Join us next time as we introduce you to another one of our incredible authors.

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