Activating the Flower of Love by Kim va de Sande

October 2022 - 33mins 46seconds
“You have pure and full potential within you. And by releasing outer expectations placed upon you by society, family, or outdated paradigms, recognizing, reconnecting, and remembering your inner guidance, you two can reach that innate potential” – Kim van de Sande, today’s guest and author of Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your […]

You have pure and full potential within you. And by releasing outer expectations placed upon you by society, family, or outdated paradigms, recognizing, reconnecting, and remembering your inner guidance, you two can reach that innate potential

– Kim van de Sande, today’s guest and author of Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your Deepest Desires and Highest Calling

On today’s episode of the GracePoint Publishing Podcast, Scribes of Light Press founder and guest host Danielle Rama Hoffman dives behind the scenes of Kim’s own journey to manifesting her highest calling and learning to love her true self. Kim van de Sande’s new book, Activating the Flower of Love, is a sacred guide to manifesting your deepest desires and highest calling in your own life.

That journey to our deepest desires spans our whole lifetime, as the many stages of being are woven intrinsically into the fabric of our reality and who we are. Our experiences and choices influence where we go, but ultimately, Kim reminds us on this podcast that there really is nothing you need to do to reach your highest calling. You already have everything you are looking for within you. It is within that knowing of and believing in self that the real magic starts.

Danielle and Kim also both speak to the challenging process of letting go of other people’s judgments in their interview. It is a process, but as they share, it is worth it when you remember that there is so much more to life outside of expectations put on you from family, friends, outdated paradigms, and society as a whole. The joy in being authentically you is unparalleled.

It is time to shed the idea that you need to fit in or be someone else to be loved and instead step into your highest calling of being truly you. The beautiful uniqueness of your essence is something to be delighted in and at Scribes of Light, your authenticity will always be celebrated.

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Welcome to the GracePoint Publishing podcast. Come along with us as we get an exclusive look into what really happens as we co-collaborate with our authors to craft and publish their books. Please see the show notes to find more ways to connect with our creators. And now, here’s your host, Best Selling Author and founder of the Scribes of Light Press with Gracepoint Publishing, Danielle Rama Hoffman.

Welcome Daniel Rama Hoffman here guest host on Gracepoint podcast, and I am so pumped juiced-ip excited in a state of joy to be with our Scribes of Light author Kim van de Sande to be diving into her incredible book, activating the flower of love, a sacred guide to manifesting your deepest desires and highest calling. Welcome, Kim.

Thank you. So great to be here.

Thank you. And a special shout out to Gracepoint for hosting us and also for you for tuning in here. So if you enjoy the Flower of Life, sacred geometry manifestation, you’re going to be in for a treat here. So Kim, as we’re just kicking off here, I really want to hone in on this podcast on the part of the title, which is your highest calling, because I feel like it’s such an important topic and theme and so beautifully described in your book. So as we’re starting to spiral in, I’d love to hear about how authoring a book was and is a part of your highest calling.

Yeah, it’s really is. This book has guided me in so many ways. It’s like, I always had the desire to write a book, but I never knew what it was or what I would write a book about. And I was constantly over the years looking for what is my highest calling? And what is my unique contribution? And why am I here on the earth star and what is the thing that will bring me joy and excitement and fulfillment and through many different ways I at one point, I felt this energy around me there was so strong and through me choosing to start this book, almost one and a half year ago, the energies came through and it became more clear. But it’s interesting that there’s also a what is within my book, like your highest calling, it is already within you. And it is asking everyone to go through these layers that are not you to discover the essence of you. So me channeling this book, me creating this book, invited me to go past all these layers past all these dimensions that were not me and to come back to the essence and in the essence this book arrives. So it is like, yeah, me going through all these different stages of my life to all these different experiences. And yeah, I think the most important message in this Now moment, that is that everything that you are looking for is already within you and it’s tuning in, it’s peeling away the layers. And that’s also what the book is guiding people in, but also what the book guided mean by creating it by bringing this forward. So and I love what you share there. And I want to kind of put it in bold and highlight and, and make it bigger. Because oftentimes we can think and this is part of why I want to talk about highest calling. Sometimes we can think it’s like one thing or we have clarity about it. way in advance and and that can happen. And yet what you express there was that it really was in the journey in the unfolding that more was revealed. And I know that you work with your clients, as do I around, you know, really new paradigm waves of being. And so that’s an it’s a different way of navigating the world where we’re following the breadcrumbs where we’re following the energy and we’re proactive, and we’re we’re really going for it yet in a way that is also open or non attached. So would you just talk a little bit more about that piece of the highest calling because again, I think people can be in that place of like, I don’t know why I’m here, even though we do or think it needs to be done, but it’s really a work that’s unfolding in the now.

It is a state of beingness that’s also what I’ve noticed. It is being you and it’s coming back to the essence of you and your highest calling is already within you and it’s just inviting you to Sunni and then with each step you take more will become more visible. It is like following the path of joy following the path of excitement following. But it is by you choosing to live by you choosing to step out of your comfort zone and take this live next step, and then more will be revealed. But it’s not people are most of the time think it’s something very outside of themselves. But it’s not most of the time, it are things that come to you naturally or that come to you when you are in a state of joy and excitement and playfulness. I think it’s more like a journey into self, like discovering who you are, in your essence, the you that came into the earth start with a mission with a purpose with a higher calling to, to inspire others to become themselves as well. And you’ve took specific tools and gifts for that. And it is through this journey that you are being guided to remember that and to activate that and to just be you because I think that’s the most important message. It’s like we have so through through growing up and through society, we have so been taught to be someone else or to be like someone else or to be more but it is like being being the essence of you, it’s coming back to the core that is within you. And when you do that, and when you release all these layers that aren’t you, that’s where the real magic starts. And the magic then unfolds in the most beautiful ways. And sometimes it are like these enormous galactic entities that suddenly arise within you or more earthly connected energies or there’s so many I see it within my clients as well. There are so many different dimensions, but it’s inviting you to come back to the essence. So your highest calling in a way it’s not doing more, it’s not being more learning more it is in a way, unlearning. So you can dive into this seed of creation, this this blueprint that is your, your essential energy. So yeah, it’s really just Ernie back into self. I think that’s really the most powerful thing we can be here on the earth stars Well, it’s being your uniqueness it’s being the you you came here to be because there’s no one else that can that can anchor your unique frequencies, there’s something only you can bring. And that is really inviting you to almost the eye like look within what what wants to be seen or wants to be acknowledged and who were who am i That’s the thank you beautiful in the unlearning is so key because sometimes we can be on a path. And it may be a part of the trajectory of what we’re here for, you know, I think about your journey, and how you were, you know, trained as an architect and, and now, you you work with energy as a sacred architect and blueprints and the field and, and that’s also what’s a lot that is in your book as well. So often, everything has a purpose, and it can be a part of our journey. And yet sometimes I can see for myself and for others, that there can be this kind of just continuing with something because that’s what you’ve been doing. So I really feel like that’s also an important message that you’re sharing to be tuning in what’s alive now. What’s bringing Join Now. So as you’re sharing about this be you I feel like it’s a beautiful time to read a bit from your first chapter, because that is is the message and then also bring in the energy of the book. Does that sound good?

Yes, great. So the first chapter is called own your uniqueness. A flower is focused on its purpose, which is to blossom into its full potential. It is consistently concentrated on growth and expansion. And when grown with flower then producing seeds that spread its beauty everywhere. The flower creates a powerful ripple where beauty generates more beauty. The flower works with the elements the song the Earth, the water, air, bees and butterflies, all the different elements in the right balance will support the flower to blossom. The flower seed has within it all it needs. The full potential is always present. Even when something happens and someone takes off a flowers pedal or something falls on top of the flower, or the flower will still focus on its goal of growing into its full potential. Each flower is unique and does not desire to be something else over living the potential that is within its seat. And while growing, it does not allow outer circumstances to distract it from its purpose. The flower is a pure source of divine energy. It begins as a seed and then grows out into its full potential. And when the flower blossoms it shares its beauty with the world without holding back by spreading its seeds. This one flower shares its unique legacy. It is always in a state of divine wholeness. And whatever happens in the outer worlds, from the potency of its divine wholeness, it blossoms. You to hold all the potential within you to blossom. Like the seed, you have pure and full potential within you. And by releasing outer expectations placed upon you by society, family or outdated paradigms. Recognizing reconnecting and remembering your inner guidance, you too can reach that innate potential. It is within the knowing and believing in yourself that magic happens, and all you’re looking for is already within you. It’s time to peel back all the layers of illusion and distortions placed on top of your divine blueprint and connect with your essence so you can express your divine potential with confidence and clarity. We start this journey with awareness. What do you see in your life? What experiences have you created consciously and subconsciously? What are your deep desires asking you to create? And what is the vision you hold? What do you desire to manifest? And are you aware of what is holding you back? Take a moment to observe what is currently being expressed in your reality. What do you see and if you truly desire change, it is time to take a step back so you can dig up the root of what is currently blocking you from elevating into your next level. Deep within you, you know there’s more to life than what you are currently allowing in and giving yourself credit for. You have all the power inside to shift your experiences of your reality and the power to release from your inner garden what no longer needs the power to clean out your soil. To take out the weeds and build a strong and nourishing foundation where your divine potential can blossom. The flower of love knows you are divine, you are whole you are love. It shines a light on your inner garden to show you where your divine potential is planted. It also shows you where you need to rearrange your garden where you need to take out weeds and plant that overshadows the growth of your desires. It supports your soul with nurturing and nourishing energies, let’s say there is a slower vibration from your past currently holding you back from moving forward weeds in your inner garden. If you do not harmonize this weed, it will affect the growth of your creation seeds and the seeds of your desire in essence that we need is taking the nourishment from the full potential that you are your inner garden is a representation of your life and all you see growing above the ground is your outer reality. And although there’s growing on the ground is your inner experience. And we will spiral into this concept more fully throughout this book just taking a moment to invite you to breathe in that beautiful transmission and to really steep in the vibrations. You know, I know for me as you were reading it, there were like phrases that were sparking in my system or that were like jumping out even more from within the garden like the flowers that were that were popping up. So you may also have had that experience where some words in particular were were vibrating strong, more strongly or we’re rippling out. Yeah, I love that part about the the seed and the flower, creating that ripple effect that unique legacy and just how our highest calling can also be connected with others you know that a part of my highest calling is to lead the evolution in consciousness and to really co create with other leaders like yourself, Kim to be reaching more individuals then we may be doing on our own. So highest calling can also be what we’re choosing to manifest and states of being like you beautifully said And yet it can also be creating new paradigms new ways of being. Yeah, so I know in the book, there’s a lot of exercises and and the whole thing is an energy Make transmission. So if you’re feeling called to go deeper, I would invite you to get the book activating the flower of love, and that it’s a journey. It’s an experience. It’s like a transformational. It’s like working with Kim. Yeah, in the book working with Kim, and the guides and the flower of love. And to me, that’s one of the things I really love about your book. And what we’re up to, with the scribes of light presses, is that there’s like, you’re not the same at the end of the book, as you were in the beginning. So for you, like what’s been the most exciting about having your seeds as the book out into the world spreading like, because there’s different phases, right? There’s like getting the book done. There’s publishing, there’s becoming a best seller than there’s having the book out there. Like, what’s been the most fun about it? Or what kind of experience journey? Yeah, because both because it grows, and to me, first creating, like, I channeled the book in 20 hours. And that, for me, was just such a beautiful confirmation of when you are in flow. And when you choose to align to whatever wants to flow through you to, to my uniqueness that something beautiful can create it. And then the whole process of editing came and that for me was also a process because the moment of editing was for me, like me going through the teachings of the book and me going through this sacred journey myself, and then the spreading of the of the teachings that was really, in a way through the editing process. I know when I felt the potency of these teachings myself, but then when it goes out into the world there, it’s like this next step will others as well resonate with these teachings will they feel the potency and now the book has been out for a couple of months now, I get the most beautiful messages and responses of people and it still touches my heart because the Earth needs these love frequencies, the earth just needs love in general, and when we can inspire others by being more loving, by receiving more love, and through love awakening more of their radiance, and their beauty and also like the seed, so they’re awakening, like this beautiful flower and spread their beauty everywhere. That’s just so. So every face has its unique thing. But I’m now so grateful that these teachings are just spreading, and that they’re inspiring people to become the best version of themselves and discover from this field of love from his warm blanket, what not potency is that is within them instead of it’s like, yeah, it’s reminding them of who they are in their essence. And because the field of love is so powerful, when you are embraced with love, it’s like your you soften, and you allow these barriers to go down. And then you allow yourself to be seen and to be acknowledged and through that process. And that’s also where the book is guiding you. And it’s true, that process that more of your essential anything come online, and that is your central energy that in the end creates the magnitude of attracting what you desire. And it’s like, it’s also inspiring people to really, like you so been taught also like, the way we do things for ourselves. So when we do joyful, things like that, we’re not taking good care of others, but that’s also a shift that we all can make. Because when we are joyful, when we are taking good care of ourselves, we can even be of more service to others we can even be more inspiration. So the book is first guiding people deep within and to, to connect with that powerful source that is within and then spread out into the world. So there are so many different dimensions and I’m so grateful that that now the teachings can do its own work. It’s like there’s there’s so much power and potency within it and it’s just rippling out in Yeah, so I’m very grateful and it’s so it’s so beautiful to yeah to see it’s unfoldings and also the beautiful things that come from that it’s like it’s just this is just the beginning of what is created through this book and through these teachings and these love codes so yeah, I’m very grateful.

Yeah, as I was welcoming you and you know the listeners and was also really welcoming in the being of love that is activating the flower of love. And you know what you said there is is so key if we look at it on a physical plane it’s also why I’m such a stand and love books as a part of what it is, you know, that that we’re up to is that then those books can be read by 1000s around the world and and it multiplies the reach and the expansion and the transformation and it’s also so readily available for Were and financially and it is an investment of course of time and being willing to do the work and, and go within. And you know, you also have, when somebody gets the book, these are the audio versions of the meditations, which, which I love. Because it’s, it’s great to be reading a meditation, but then sometimes you, you know, to have your voice right there, when somebody’s reading the book, it can be like an energy spa. So I want to circle back to one of the things that was popping to me when you’re reading was also about like, how the flower isn’t trying to be somebody that it’s not, you know, I know the, the path of the Venus like guides often speak about the analogy of like, if you’re a strawberry be the most SunRype and fully, juicy, succulent strawberry, and that the strawberry is not wishing to be the cantaloupe. And so I feel like that is so timely to be speaking about because it brings up a lot of illusions that may be in somebody’s garden, in terms of like, comparison or trying to be somebody that you’re not. So would you just kind of riff on that a little bit. Yeah, it’s like, so this time, and this journey is all supporting you to really become yourself, it’s like to come back to the essence of who you are, because it is the essence of who you are, that is powerful. It’s like, I sometimes my guides Share, Like this image of a beautiful ball of light that is around you, that is your energy field. And yeah, it’s the most potent version of you is the one that is this pure center itself is the one that is the essence without all these illusions around you without all these distortions and and when you come back to the essence of you that uniqueness that is you, it’s like your support is from within. And from that space, you can step more clearly out into the world, this book is inviting you to see to recognize the potency that is within you. And that is not by you being someone else that is not by you, copying someone else, it is not by you. It’s also like, yes, of course the the garden at the neighbor can look more beautiful, but you didn’t came here to be someone else you came here to be you. And the more you recognize that within yourself, because you can you can try to be just like the neighbor or create a garden like your neighbor, but in a way it will never work for you like it would work for your neighbor because it needs to be rooted from your essence it needs to reroute it from your seed of creation from the essence that is you. And when you do that, when you create it from your pure energy, then your your flowers blossom in your garden, it’s not by you copying someone else. And that’s really also what this analogy says it’s like you it’s time that you recognize the power and the potency, that is when you choose to be you. Maybe you notice it, like the moment when you are in love, because then you are your radiant self. And suddenly the whole world looks magical and magical things come on your path. But it’s it’s not that the world changes in a way it’s also not that you change, you still have your tools and your gifts and your your, your different qualities, but you’re in this state of joy, you’re in this state of love, you’re in this state of, of beingness. And through that magical things open up. And then suddenly you don’t want to be someone else because you are in this law field with yourself. And it’s really about recognizing the potency that is within you. And also seeing the value of just being new. Like maybe some are meant to stand in front of large groups and are happy with that. And some need to radiate their light while they are in nature or some just in family situations. So it’s also acknowledging where you can be of most value and where you are supportive to your own energy fields. Because you can try to be someone else and then feel depleted or constantly over giving overdoing but it’s what brings you joy and what brings you excitement and follow that and strengthen that field that really is within you. Yeah.

And that was another line from what you read that really popped out at me around you know, giving yourself credit for your uniqueness and who you are and what you’re up to. And and really the the the receiving of it. Like when I asked you know what for you has been so great about having the seeds out there, I could really feel you receiving the feedback. And that’s such an important aspect of what we’re talking about. As well as not only the giving, but the having and also the receiving so flower of love. I feel like I can’t not ask you about flower of love since that’s the title and I know we kind of dived in a little bit into being your uniqueness yet. What’s the flower of love? Somebody may You’d be wondering, it’s a powerful field of love codes and a powerful field of love consciousness. What I discovered also, when many people buy the book, they can, they can enter a free life events with flow of love counsel, so you can do that on my website. But what I’ve noticed now more and more people are connecting with the field of the flower of life, more and more codes come online. So it’s like, there is this field of higher vibrational consciousness. And when you connect with it, when you are your authentic self, and you raise your vibrations, more codes, align, and by that you embody more codes of love within your being and your life changes and it spreads out into the world. But it’s this potent field, and we are just at the beginning of discovering the potency that is within this field, it’s like the field of love, it is like a field of infinite possibilities of you can see like the quantum field and then a field that is that is of love, and you can interact with it. And you can by choosing to raise your vibrations, it gives you deeper codes within yourself deeper codes of remembering deeper codes of connecting. But what I’ve discovered the last few months is like by more people connecting the field becomes more powerful. And by that also the transformation. So even though we connect together to this to the individual magic amplifies because we are choosing to, in a way invite this field into our life, we invite the flower of life to co create with us in the most magical and joyful way. Because truly when we choose love, magical things opens up. But it starts by first loving ourselves and loving every part of us and loving this lower vibrations and loving our beautiful, joyful moments. And when we embrace that when we can be in the state of oneness in the state of wholeness in a state of no resistance, more of our codes can come alive, more of our ancient wisdom more of our magic. And that journey is for everyone you need because you came here to bring something unique, but it is true this field of love through the embrace and the safety Enos and the softness of this love field, you open up like it’s like a flower. It’s like nourishment for your seed of creation to blossom nourishment for whatever wants to be awakens with you, within you to rise and to spread its beauty everywhere.

Yeah, so with that, following your inner guidance and the higher calling and, you know, that was also a part of the message that that you read, of really like moving forward, even if society or others may not think that’s a great idea. So I’m just wondering if you have any awareness or tips for someone that’s in that place where they have an inner guidance that is on a leading wave and know that perhaps somebody in their life as well meaning as they may be might not like it and kind of the momentum because to me, as you’re reading there really was this focus? Yes, you’re weeding out some stuff, and that’s a part of it. But But there’s more of an inner momentum or a moving forward energy that seems to kind of take on a life of its own and have less focus on, you know, the slower vibrations or, or the weeds. So if somebody’s going, I have this inner guidance, but it’s kind of freaking me out a little bit. What What tips or tools or awareness Would you share?

The most important thing is within the book that you are being guided to connect with your deep desires. So So to find out what is the essence of your deep desires, but even just your inner guidance or your deep desire, what do you desire to create, and then through you following your guidance, you elevate but also the slower vibrations that kept you from elevating, they just come up. So the book is not guiding you to dive into the stories of this lower vibrations. It’s giving you tools, practical tools and energetic ways to clear this energy so you can elevate so you can transcend into the next step of your guidance because your guidance is here to guide you in the direction of your highest calling. It’s like your excitement, your deep desires. And it’s also reminding us that we are on this journey of growth and expansion we didn’t came here to stay in our comfort zone we didn’t came here to stay the same we came here to grow and expand as a soul as a human as a contribution. And that is inviting all of us to step out of our comfort zone. And sometimes that means that a slower vibration comes up or sometimes it means that a trigger comes up. But through the tools in the book you are being guided with practical tools, but also energetic ways to clear them so that you can then move forward. It’s like when you are being guided to the book. You came here to bring something new to anchor something new to contribute in a unique way, and that is inviting you to stretch, and that’s fine. Sometimes it’s difficult, but you know, you are meant for something bigger. And it’s like looking for the place where you feel fulfillment instead of just living your life, it’s, it’s inviting you to become the best version of yourself. And that sometimes means means stretching that sometimes me means doing something out of your comfort zone. And sometimes it also means letting people go. But it’s coming back to the essence of you. And when you are loving to yourself and loving to your environment, sometimes people leave, but you can also be the inspiration. And at one point, they come back because they see your centeredness, they see that you don’t no longer respond from triggers, but you are just being yourself, you are taking responsibility to create something new. It’s like, yeah, when you feel drawn to these teachings, there’s a deeper desire within you. And it’s honoring that desire. So what is it guiding you with, and what it is, is what is it inviting you to stretch in and just leave that is my invitation. Because through you leaving more things open up, it’s like, you have these stepping stones, and they are in the mists, and the only, the only moment you see the next stepping stone is by you taking the first leap, and then the next one, and then the next one. But if you don’t, if you stay in your comfort zone, that’s also fine, but then your life never changes. So we all have this desire for growth. And now that means sometimes stretching. And that means sometimes facing what we don’t want to face, but that is the most rewarding, it’s going through the steps that will create the life we really desire. So this is just an invitation for you to if you feel the guidance, leap, follow and then also see what comes up because when slower vibrations come up, it’s also an invitation to clear energies out of your field. It’s like an opportunity for growth, there’s so much wisdom that happens within a trigger within this lower vibration. And if you can recognize the wisdom, it allows you to expand even more. So it’s it’s taking every moment as a moment to grow and to learn things. It’s seeing life from a higher perspective than only from the 3d experience.

Well, thank you, Kim, and activating the flower of love book being and thank you for tuning into this podcast. I feel like there were so many gems around highest calling and also so much energy to move forward. So as we’re completing here, Kim, any last inspiration

I would just say you are amazing. And it’s time to recognize that and to just embrace yourself with love and from love move forward into the most magnificent radiance that you are. Yes, and thank you. Thank you, for you and for Gracepoint and also for you listening.

Thank you. You’re welcome. My pleasure. I’m so happy for you and the book and Alright, bye, everyone. Thanks. Bye.

Thank you for coming along with us today on the grace of point publishing podcast. Join us next time as we introduce you to another one of our incredible authors. If you enjoy today’s episode, make sure to subscribe and rate us on your favorite podcasting platform. To find out more about our authors and to see how we can help you publish your book, head to Gracepointpublishing.com Keep writing. Keep creating your words matter.

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