The Unstoppable EVENTrepreneur



It’s time to step into the new reality of event planning and entrepreneurship! Finally, you have a guide that can take your event business from neutral to unstoppable. Let May Yeo Silvers show you how to go from confused and overwhelmed to functional and empowered with her book The Unstoppable EVENTrepreneur™. Be the engineer of your client’s wildest dreams and get paid!This book lays out step-by-step instructions, suggestions, and examples related to the main areas of the industry, aligning the reader’s perspective with successful business practices. Each chapter offers key pieces of information that you won’t find anywhere else in just one source. Increase the longevity and the enriching and rewarding relationships you have with clients and see them return again and again. Become the EVENTrepreneur you were born to be and step into your successful reality of turning your passion into profit!