The Human Design Reflector: Barometer of the World

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In Human Design, Reflectors play an integral part in the world. They are not designed to go with the status quo and when they begin to live authentically, Reflectors move humanity forward with their objectivity and wisdom.

Reflectors are the only ones with the ability to sample the energies of the people around them but not become conditioned by them. This type of person sees great hope in humanity and can feel the nature of all living things in spite of their conditioning. Because they walk through life with a “Teflon” aura, they are the ones who see the beauty and potential of the world even when most of humanity has forgotten the true value of life and how to live authentically.

Reflectors are the rarest of all the Human Design types and their journey isn’t always the easiest. This book responds to the need for Reflectors to have a tangible guide to help them work with their design so they can learn how to be strong, capable, and live a happy and healthy life.

About the author

Amber Clements is a rare Human Design Reflector. She is a self-proclaimed collector of experiences. She holds two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in communication, in addition to being a Certified Human Design Specialist. Amber has had various experiences in work, study, travel, lifestyle, and relationships, living true to her design working as an entertainer, a high school teacher, an adventure tour leader, trainer, coach, and author. She spent 10 years working in the corporate world as an organizational change manager, which eventually led to burnout. Discovering Human Design changed her life course. Being a Reflector can be challenging; however, channeling that energy correctly has allowed her to learn, grow, and share this incredible tool through coaching sessions helping others become aware of their type so they can also live a more purposeful life. Amber Clements is a transformation coach, professional facilitator, certified Human Design Specialist, and a qualified change manager. As an organizational change expert, Amber has spent the last decade helping individuals and organizations navigate their way through transitions. When Amber first learned about her rare Human Design Type, a reflector, she started to attract more reflectors much like herself. Amber thoroughly enjoys working with people from the inside out. She offers private consultations and is even available for keynote presentations and to conduct seminars and workshops. Providing a safe environment for reflectors like her to learn is extremely important to her. Amber felt compelled to write a book about her learnings, The Human Design Reflector: Barometer of the World. Amber hopes that her books and experiences can provide a form of guidance and signposts to others.

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