Fasting And Prayer: God’s Healing Therapies



Have you ever considered how fasting, and praying can uplift your spiritual life, mind, body, and emotions? Have you ever tried doing them  on  your  own  without  the  success  that  you  were  searching for?  Did  you  ever  think  (or  were  told)  to  search  for  someone  or something  to  assist  you  on  your  journey?  If  you  are  reading  this book, then your search has ended. I have written this book for people who have fasted in the past and are fasting in the present, for those that will fast in the future, as well as people who have never fasted that would love to learn. The goal is how to reach the optimum level of health and wellness. There are many different types of fast. From the intermittent fast that is done for so many hours a day up to and including the extended fast of forty days. Not everybody can fast for forty days, but everybody can fast.

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