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Hugh Jenkins

Dr. Hugh A. Jenkins holds two holistic medical degrees. The first, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. The course of his education at National was comparable to a medical doctor’s and also included homeopathy, herbology, iridology, two years of extensive clinical nutritional studies and many other fields of holistic medicine.  His education also included mentorship from an Ob/Gyn, chiropractor, osteopath and a woman once considered the world’s authority on fasting, Dr. Alvenia Fulton of Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Fulton, a Naturopathic Doctor and ordained minister, had a thriving practice on Chicago’s southside.  She began her journey by healing herself, through fasting, of a painful illness.

More than ten years into his practice as a Naturopath, Hugh went back to school to obtain his second holistic medical degree as a Chiropractic doctor from the National University of Health Science in Lombard, Il, a suburb of Chicago.  Combining the whole-body approach of naturopathic medicine with the specialty of chiropractic medicine gave his patients a total view of their mind, body, spirit and emotions.

He has lectured nationally and internationally on holistic medical subjects, such as western and Chinese medicine, herbology, iridology, energy medicine and his specialty fasting. The Good Doctor has appeared numerous times on broadcast and internet radio, as well as local and national TV.

In 2007, Dr Jenkins began to explore the idea of writing a book on fasting and prayer.  However, thoughts of inadequacy on the subject of prayer left him feeling he could not write a successful book and do justice to the subject of prayer. As fasting had been his specialty for many years, he felt confident in sharing his and his patient’s stories of success and trials. Today he believes God has taken him through several life challenges involving his body, mind, spirit, and emotions that have brought him to a place where he’s better equipped, through personal experience, to approach the subject of the power of prayer.

In January of 2020 just before the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Jenkins traveled to Jamaica on a medical mission trip. There he shared his knowledge of emotional wellness with the people of that land. That experience helped many of them change their mindset and emotions from focusing on the little f in fear in themselves to the big F of Faith from the God within.  This changed Dr. Jenkins more than the people he shared it with.  God put in his heart and mind to write a New York Times bestselling book on fasting and prayer to help with the world’s healing.

During his years of practice and mentoring others, Dr. Jenkins was able to assist thousands of people through their journey from dis-ease to wellness. He has retired as a Chiropractic doctor but continues to share his knowledge of holistic medicine by mentoring and giving lectures on holistic health and wellness. One of his loving characteristics is that he is a Master of Dry Daddy Jokes. He considers himself a sit-down comedian because he would not make it in stand-up.

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