Jo Ann Levitt

Jo Ann Levitt

Longtime spiritual counselor and teacher, Jo Ann Levitt sheds new light on the ancient spiritual practice of channeling in her latest work, Channeling the Sacred, Activating your Connection to Source. A prolific author who has written on a variety of topics, Jo Ann was a senior Kripalu faculty member for thirty years and continues to teach meditation and provide spiritual counseling. She is also a licensed RN and Healing Touch practitioner.


Jo Ann has learned from her years of channeled writing and spiritual practice that each of us is meant to be partnering with Spirit and participating in the co-creation of new and beautiful works for the benefit of humanity. Jo Ann considers herself one vehicle among many, as the work of co-creation is eternal and continually evolving. Channeling the Sacred, Activating your Connection to Source marks the fourth book in a series of channeled works that include The Twenty-First-Century-Gospel of Jesus Christ, its Spanish version, El Evangelio de Jesucristo del Siglo Veintiuno, and Prayers for the Pandemic, an anthology of prayers and poems centered on the challenges of these difficult times.

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