Jo Ann Levitt
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Jo Ann Levitt

Longtime spiritual counselor and teacher, Jo Ann Levitt sheds new light on the practice of channeling as co-creation in her latest work: Awakening to the Power of Source: Your Guide to Co-Creating with the Divine. A prolific author as well as lecturer and program designer, Jo Ann was a senior Kripalu faculty member for thirty years and continues to teach meditation and provide spiritual counseling at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.

Through years of channeled writing and teaching, Jo Ann recognizes the need for each of us to partner with Spirit in order to bring forth works that are worthy of our deepest spiritual leanings and that serve the highest good. This Guide is the fifth book in a series of channeled works that also include: Channeling the Sacred: Activating your Connection to Source, as well as The Twenty-First-Century Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with its Spanish version, El Evangelio de Jesucristo del Siglo Veintiuno. In addition, Jo Ann wrote Prayers for the Pandemic—an anthology of prayers and poems about that difficult time period.

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