Andersen Light: A Meta-Normal Novel – Paperback

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In this coming-of-age novel, a bullying incident catapults a young girl into a fantastical new world…

Fourteen and a half-year-old Georgie Rae Jones rockets beyond the tattered remnants of her self-confidence to save her siblings from an innuendo-charged family life and the stepdad she’s dubbed Jackass.

Now living in Mystic Creek, Oregon with her dad, Georgie discovers her life as she once knew it will change forever. After her friend Shawn is pummeled by a dodgeball thrown by a bully, Georgie intervenes, only to send the bully flying across the schoolyard.

Reeling with shock and worry, but fueled by a wildfire of inner metamorphosis, she searches for answers, but it is family friend Luther Andersen – lighthouse keeper, mystic, and professor – who explains she is meta-normal.

This is the day Luther has been waiting for.

About the author

Tanya D. Dawson is a very happy writer of fiction which she will tell you is “way more fun” than her previous work writing cybersecurity policies and documentation. Midwestern-born, Tanya lives in the American Southwest with her amazing husband surrounded by a forest of mesquite trees and creosotes. Thank you for joining the world of Andersen Light and Mystic Creek! Visit Tanya online at TanyaDDawson.com and sign-up for updates, like when Book 2 will be released. Plus, there are Instagram, Facebook, and occasionally Twitter. To receive special offers, bonus content, and info on new releases and other great reads, sign up for our newsletters. Download Tanya Dawson's One Sheet Here Download The Book Sheet  


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