Your Soul Map: Liberation, Human Design, and The BIPOC Experience


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As a Spiritual Mentor (or Spiritual Midwife) Asha Ramakrishna works with soulful and passionate women who want to experience peace no matter the circumstances in life; women who are ready to move beyond the material & who crave aligning their life to their soul. Asha notices that women who she serves know they are here to do something with greater purpose so they start by looking at the clients Human Design, a map of the soul, to see what conditioning needs to be released, to work with the spiritual gifts, and to initiate an activation of their practical strategies according to their unique design. Aycee Brown is a psychic channel, Pisces, and an Emotional Projector. She maps out ideas, concepts and spiritual information in a way that eliminates confusion and any feelings of doubt or worthlessness. Aycee trusts that you can return to feeling empowered and embodied in your being because she has witnessed that in her own personal transformations.

You can listen in to Aycee's thought-provoking conversations on her podcast, “Is My Aura on Straight?,” where she connect with other thought leaders who inspire and expand her. Aycee also holds space on a collective Human Design podcast, “Each Other,” with some of her closest peers in the HD space, each with a different Design Type.

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