Whispers From The Sanctuary



A hidden, heartfelt mystery is unfolding within the pages of Whispers From the Sanctuary. In this book, Conor McCourt invites the reader to explore this spiritual, thirty-day guide bound in contemporary Christian Mysticism. Through prayers, reflections, and meditations, the reader receives subtle messages, allowing them to expand and deepen the roots of their faith. Mystical and spiritual contemplations illuminate a path to a veiled reality, a hidden realm untarnished by egoic concepts. As the heart begins to open and discover its essence through the lens of devotion, the soul’s greatest intention, at last, reveals itself.

About the author

Conor McCourt was born in the North of Ireland in Armagh. As a child, he was always inquisitive when it came to spiritual matters. His Mum and her friends would often clean the local St. Patrick's Cathedral, so he thought there was no better time or setting to ask questions about God and the unexplained mysteries. Growing up, he felt what he can best describe as an internal nudge to know more. Over the past twenty-five years, his spiritual practice has developed through God's Grace and his perseverance to continue his journey despite the many challenges and responsibilities he has in life.

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