When Your Miracle Doesn’t Come: Holding On to Faith, Hope, and Strength Through the Struggle



Can we really prepare ourselves for grief and loss? How do you respond when your faith is tested?

At some point in our lives, we will all face losing a loved one but rarely do we understand the depth of grief we will encounter. In When Your Miracle Doesn’t Come, Jacki Corta invites you into the turbulent journey she and her husband embarked upon when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer.

Leaning into her unwavering trust in God, Jacki writes with an intensity that offers a view of her authentic self struggling to make sense of the situation. Dive into her story and be inspired, feel empowered, and walk away with a new perspective on what miracles really are.

You do not have to encounter the loss of a loved one from cancer to experience the heartache of struggle and grief and connect to Jacki’s words. Her uplifting message of resilience and faith will help you believe anything is possible even if it doesn’t happen in the way you wanted or expected.

By holding onto hope and relying on your faith, you will make it through!

About the author

Jacki Cada Corta is a stylist of 28 years by trade. She’s also an intuitive life coach and motivational speaker, sharing her story of overcoming adversity, finding her strength and keeping the faith. Her brand, Strength > Struggle™️, was created to remind the world no matter the struggle, your strength is greater than that struggle. Jacki Cada Corta lives by the mantra, “Use your voice for the good and stand firm in your beliefs. The struggle you may face along the way will only strengthen your story.”

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