The Stardreamer



The Stardreamer chronicles the journeys of a young boy, Jason, through Stargates to the star system of Sirius. He learns what is required of him to fully understand what it means to be a Golden Dolphin in the Golden Age of the New Millennium. There he meets a master magician named Bwanazarias, who guides Jason to stone temples, where he encounters angels, dragons, mermaids, faeries, and the mysterious Shining Ones. In The Stardreamer, Jason discovers the magic of the stars on Earth. Jereb’s illustrations ignite the reader’s imagination – young and old alike. Jason’s transformation is an enchanting bedtime story for all.

About the author

James F. Jereb, PhD, is a self-taught, visionary artist who works in paint, print and stone and is the creator of Stardreaming, Temples of the Cosmos, a 22-acre sacred stone temple labyrinth complex for the new millennium located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has lectured widely at conferences in Bali, Bosnia, Egypt, India and elsewhere on his visionary art and Stardreaming.

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