The Revolution of Work: Fuck the Patriarchy and the Workplace it Built



Anessa Fike is tired of seeing the same broken elements in the workplace happening over and over again in a structure set up centuries ago to help only the patriarchy succeed.

The Revolution of Work calls attention to how work isn’t working for most people today and how it’s all connected back to holding up the status quo for the success of one demographic but to the detriment of most others. With her own lived experiences of working with more than 100 organizations around the world sprinkled in, reading this book will make you feel at once like you are out with friends discussing the ways of work and wanting to band together to change work for the better. Fike’s writing makes it feel like you are in a deep and meaningful discussion, and it also makes you want to dive in to do something about making the workplace better.

This book is the start of a revolution – THE Revolution – to make workplaces and work better for all humans.

About the author

My mission is to create and foster inclusive, diverse, and engaging cultures that empower people to thrive and perform at their best. I have a proven track record of delivering innovative and impactful solutions in areas such as employee experience, retention, compensation, benefits, learning, development, and DEI. I am also a frequent speaker, writer, and contributor on topics related to talent and culture, and I have been recognized as one of the most inclusive HR influencers and top DEI influencers in 2022.

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