The Path of Medicine Woman: Fertility, Women’s Health, and Rewilding



DESIRE. VISION. GRACE. SURRENDER… HARMONY. The Path of Medicine Woman explores fertility and health as a process in rewilding. With personal stories followed by timeless insights, Page folds ancient wisdom into our modern framework to show how we embrace our landscapes as reflections of self. Accessing the basic principles of healing systems that include Ayurveda, Chinese, and Indigenous Medicine, she shows us how the energetics of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air translate between physical matter and spiritual principles. Page helps us recognize our inherent connection to elemental life and outlines ways to purify and reclaim the places we have lost with hope for a fertile and fecund future.

In this second book of the Earth Medicine series, Merrill shares essays, recipes, and practices including:

  • Women’s health
  • Modern Mothering
  • Indigenous Wisdom
  • Shamanism
  • Ecology and Human Health

About the author

Merrill Page, author, speaker, somatic therapist, and mother of four boys, weaves story with timeless insights that translate ancient, shamanic concepts into modern language. Her work, both poetic and practical, inspires and guides individuals, businesses, and leaders in the field of health and wellness. She has been featured in publications ranging from Quest Magazine to Spirituality and Health and interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist Kara Sundlun on WFSB, a CBS affiliate.

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