The Dead Call Upon Me



The dead want to be heard, and they call upon me to get urgent messages through to their loved ones. Often, just in the nick of time, I hear a voice calling out because of impending doom. It might be as serious as an approaching suicide attempt, or as simple as a missing will that needs to be found. This little book is a collection of six short stories about six separate spirits that called upon me to prevent tragedy from striking.

Debbie Mannon’s life changed in 2012 when her gifts of mediumship ignited and became her life’s focus.

About the author

Debbie Mannon has been spiritually gifted all her life. She likes to say, “together we are more” because her gifts shine brighter when assisting others. She likes to spend time with people helping them bring clarity to tough decisions, talk to loved ones who have passed away, or learn how to manifest personal goals. However, where her gifts shine brightest is when she is communing with the dead: the subject of this book. Debbie is now available to help you, too. Feel free to email her at:  

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