Teachers First: A Guide to Avoiding and Overcoming Burnout in the Classroom



Are you exhausted and stressed? Have you ever wondered What happened to the joy I felt when I started teaching?

Teaching is a complex profession which can easily spill over into your personal life and create burnout. Carman Murray’s Teachers First provides a roadmap for you to show up in your classroom feeling energized and organized.

Murray uses her own experience to offer simple steps, stories, and strategies to inspire you to take action and experiment with ideas in your classroom and personal life. You will also gain tools to teach your students, equipping them with the skills they need to be even more successful in your classroom, school, and their lives in general.

Each time you pick up this book, it will serve as a reminder that you matter: how you treat yourself models for others—students and family—the importance of intentional self-care.

About the author

A retired teacher, Carman Murray is known for her ability to lead others along their transformational journey with both candour and care. After teaching in a classroom for fifteen years she has moved to mentoring women to be their best selves and follow their dreams. She brings her wisdom as a mom, ranch wife, healer, yoga instructor, and teacher to the groups of women she works with. She brings consistency, accountability, and inspiration to those she impacts. Carman loves being outside and working with her husband on their ranch as well as hitting the slopes with her kids.

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