Raising Your Child Astrologically


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Discover your child’s astrological combinations and learn how to communicate better with your children!

Have you ever wished for a parenting guide or instructional manual for your kids? Maria Comfort offers an easy-to-understand guide on how to find your child’s rising sign and interpret their chart to make learning about your children’s personality quirks simple and easy!

This book will equip you with tools for easier communication and offers simple advice on how to motivate your kids, all while learning about them and yourself in the process. Discover how your child’s personality is affected by planetary alignment and how their behavior can be guided by the stars.

Raising Your Child Astrologically is an indispensable tool for parents navigating the often tricky process of relating to their kids by helping them unlock the mysteries of the stars and astrology to better understand how the cosmos play a major part in how their children develop as they grow.

Maria Comfort has been an astrologer since 1970. Initially self-taught, she studied with some of the greatest and best astrologers in the world and has done the horoscopes of many famous and infamous people from around the world. Maria raised her children astrologically and is proud to say that they grew up anyway!!Although she takes Astrology seriously (not beginning things when the Moon is Void of Course, etc.), she also takes in other aspects. As a Virgo, she is very thorough in everything she undertakes and completes everything she begins that is of interest to her. She has two college degrees, one in Art and one in English Literature. She did not attend college until after she became an Astrologer and also studied Astronomy in school.

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