Purpose by Design: Using Human Design to Discover your True Nature


The Human Design system is a life-changing tool that provides a deep understanding of self using your unique Human Design chart. Connect to the concept of purpose through the authors’ personal stories and learn how they overcame challenges by using their unique design characteristics and embracing the deep teachings that helped them create true sustainable health, wealth, and happiness.

Through the examples in Purpose by Design, you will discover the forces that influence your every thought, emotion, and action. This book catalogs how these entrepreneurs escaped such challenges as grief, loss, burnout, sickness, and disease and created the life of their dreams after embracing the qualities of their unique Human Design.

Eleven amazing Human Design thought leaders have come together in this compilation book to help you navigate your life using your chart as a tool to live your true purpose.


  • Lisa Robinett
  • Grace Gravestock
  • Michelle Williams
  • Klara Prosova
  • Caroline Sabbah
  • Jes Francis
  • Sharon Schneider
  • Alana Heim
  • Elenique Pizziolo
  • Corissa Stepp
  • Karen Curry Parker


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