Pikes Peak: America’s Mountain Volume II

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100 beautiful paintings of the mountain Catherine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful about. Pikes Peak, or TAVA as it’s been called, is represented here in 100 beautiful paintings.

About the author

Jack Denton is a landscape painter whose career has spanned multiple decades and has brought him to exhibit his artistic talents and love for his subject matter across the world. Having lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 57 years, Jack first visited Colorado Springs in 2012, to which he found himself in awe of the majesty that is Pikes Peak. What followed was Jack's westward migration to establish a studio in Garden of the Gods, right at the base of the mountain. Jack has been painting the beauty of Pikes Peak for ten years now and continues to be awestruck by the everchanging sights, shadows, and seasons of America's mountain. Capturing the graceful yet powerful ridges, caverns, and valleys along Pikes Peaks landscape, Jack brings his collection of paintings on this subject to 200 with the showcase in this book.

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