Permission Granted: Live Your Life Full of Joy and Peace



Mixing humor with inspiration, Permission Granted: Live Your Life Full of Joy and Peace is a compilation of permissions that author, Jennifer Standish, created over the span of 20 years with the goal of building a peaceful and joyous life for herself. Her intention is for readers to do the same for themselves.
Covering everything from career and purpose to self-love and relationship challenges, Permission Granted offers insightful (and sometimes laugh-out-loud) directions for creating a magnificent life no matter what your prior circumstances have been.

About the author

Jennifer Standish, author of Permission Granted and You Got This. I Promise., was born in Syracuse, NY. Having lived in both Boston, MA, and Los Angeles, CA, she now lives in a rustic cabin 90-miles north of NYC on the Hudson River. When not writing and speaking, Jennifer, an empathic intuitive healer certified by the Institute of Intuitive Healing, helps individuals improve the trajectory of their lives. Through her business Prospecting Works, she helps salespeople overcome their fear of self-promotion and call reluctance. In her free time, she enjoys sailing her catamaran, woodturning, caring for a colony of feral cats, and hosting Airbnb guests. Sitting in front of a fire laughing with good people is how she likes to end her day.  

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