Murder at the Croquet Club: A Rose Blair Murder Mystery



An early morning game of croquet turns deadly when Rose discovers the body of her friend slumped over a gravestone. The search for the elusive killer sparks a massive manhunt, leading Rose and Tom on another chilling adventure.

Will her friend’s murderer stop at nothing to silence anyone who was close to the victim?

Find out in the next mystery set in the sleepy village of Bayfield on the idyllic shores of Lake Huron.

Judy Keightley was born in Africa, completed her secondary education in England. Judy gained her Master’s in Education as a mature student in Canada. She worked as a photographer, caterer, mother, and teacher. Now, she’s taken on the challenge of establishing a vineyard and winery in Huron Country’s west coast. Over the past thirty years, Judy has written twenty novellas, various collections of poetry, and a number of plays. She wrote her first full length novel in 2013 which developed into the Rose Blair Murder Mysteries. Judy and her husband reside in bayfield, where her series takes place, with their dog Susie and cat Thomas. Judy, her husband, Susie, and Thomas enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren.

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