Murder at Bayfield Beach: A Rose Blair Murder Mystery – Paperback



Long buried secrets are uncovered when a murder rocks the quiet, seaside town of Bayfield.

Rose Blair and her husband, Tom, are living a life in retirement, so when their beloved lab uncovers a body after a day at the beach, they’re stunned by how such a violent crime could happen unseen. But as Rose digs further into the case, she discovers secrets lurk deep within her beloved hometown.

When Susan Parker, Rose’s old college friend and an Inspector for the Serious Crime Units in London, arrives on the scene of the crime, she treats the case like any other. But when suspicion is cast on her lover, Jim Reynolds, she takes a step back and a closer look at the case and all the people involved.

Infidelity, lies, and betrayal come together in a stunning conclusion, rocking Susan and Rose’s world and uncovering something going on in their town far deeper than just a murder…

Judy Keightley was born in Africa, completed her secondary education in England. Judy gained her Master’s in Education as a mature student in Canada. She worked as a photographer, caterer, mother, and teacher. Now, she’s taken on the challenge of establishing a vineyard and winery in Huron Country’s west coast. Over the past thirty years, Judy has written twenty novellas, various collections of poetry, and a number of plays. She wrote her first full length novel in 2013 which developed into the Rose Blair Murder Mysteries. Judy and her husband reside in bayfield, where her series takes place, with their dog Susie and cat Thomas. Judy, her husband, Susie, and Thomas enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren.

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