Miracles in the Naked Light



One simple YES can transform your life forever.

Discover the mesmerizing true story where a young Carmelite monastic nun finds herself at the center of an extraordinary project that inspired countless hearts to contribute their own gifts of heart, skill, time, and resources.

Unveil the secrets of grace, love, and insight as you witness Sister Annunciata’s (Kimberly Braun) life-changing journey filled with twists and turns. From a 17,000 square foot monastery rising with beauty and strength to the profound beauty of Consciousness taking form, this captivating story will challenge your perceptions and make you question what’s truly possible.

Join Kimberly as she delves into the essence of human experience, where openness, humanness, and devoted love pave the way for the miraculous. Miracles in the Naked Light is more than just a book; it’s a mirror that reflects the Ineffable Source moving through every aspect of life.

Get ready to explore the boundless power of saying YES, and embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you forever changed. Are you ready to embrace the Extraordinary? Open these pages and find out.

About the author

Kimberly Braun, impelled from earliest childhood experiences, has spent over a decade as a monastic nun exploring the path of Presence. With a master's in theology, she lives to inspire others to connect to, and live from, Divine Love at their center. She is a TEDx speaker and former meditation faculty at he renowned Omega Institute. Kimberly's communication skills ignite transformation on all levels serving others to lives of greater freedom and joy. She has served tens of thousands through her writing, speaking, retreats, and online courses and community, and has two new books in 2023. You can connect with Kimberly at kimberlybraun.com.

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