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Emily Vino is an Artist, Human Design Reader, and Creatrix. She creates spaces that connect people to their bodies, their Creative Energy, and the Divine within them. As fierce proponent for Embodiment and Self-Trust, all of Emily’s containers are designed to help shed layers and deepen the relationship to Self. Her favorite work includes holding space for expanding people into their intuition, self-expression, self-trust, sensual living, and life purpose/life’s work. She is able to do this through the tools of Human Design, Western Astrology, Gene Keys, and Trauma-Informed Embodiment Practices. Driven by her curious nature, Emily seeks to learn and understand different modalities and systems that give insight into human conditions. Combining her artistic nature with her thirst for spirituality and depth, Emily Vino brings to the table a unique perspective – one that sees art as a spiritual practice, and spirituality as art. Emily creates unique work that not only provides digestible information but also captures the essence of the human spirit through art and illustration. See emilyvino.com for more information. Download The Book Sheet

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