Growing With Gerti


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Gerti is a girl with big hopes, big dreams and big emotions. She often finds it hard to manage her BIG FEELINGS. Come along this journey with Gerti and her sidekick Bip as they adventure together and find amazing mindfulness tools for her toolbelt of life. Throughout this mindfulness children’s book series you and your child will be introduced to several mindfulness strategies that will support the health and wellbeing of your nervous system, your amygdala and your emotions. These life tools can be used to reduce anxiety, manage emotions, increase emotional intelligence, overcome negative emotions and stress. Take a ride with Gerti and Bip on this adventure of life.

About the author

Born at 3 lbs 12 oz and adopted at birth, Gia was destined for a life of overcoming challenges. Divorce, re-marriage and death of a parent soon came to follow. Growing up in a culture where feelings weren't addressed, Gia was often labeled as, "The Drama Queen," "The Emotionally Sensitive One," or "High Maintenance!" These labels stayed with her for many years to come until her life as an educator took an exciting turn.

After attending a self improvement workshop in 2017 where the speaker challenged participants to "Embrace the Unknown" Gia was determined to apply the wisdom. What followed though, would be devastating. After working with children for over 24 years, Gia found herself out of a job and questioning whether or not to go back to teaching in the classroom.The answer was clear, "Don't go back!"

Her passion for understanding human emotions led her to begin specializing in SEL, Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotional Regulation for the Classroom. Now she is a published author, co-author of a mindfulness curriculum coming out of the University of LaVerne's Center for Neurodiversity Learning and Wellness and an Educational Consultant. She likes to tell people, "Don't Stay Stuck!" "Always move forward in life!" And if your ever want a PLC (Personal or Professional Life Cheerleader) in your life, I'm your PERSON!"

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