Freedom From Shame



Imagine a future where the shadows of childhood sexual abuse don’t dictate the story of your life.

In Freedom From Shame, Leila Reyes offers a heartfelt invitation to go on a journey—healing the profound wounds inflicted by childhood abuse and freeing yourself to step into a world of limitless potential. With compassion and wisdom, Reyes delves into the intricate dynamics that perpetuate cycles of shame and abuse within families, offering hope and liberation to both survivors and perpetrators alike.

Reyes provides guidance and tools using a groundbreaking approach that blends her deeply personal narrative of healing and reconciliation with her father, evidence-based strategies for trauma, and guidance through self-reflection.

You will:

  • Grow beyond problematic family dynamics and become expansive in creating the quality of life and connection you truly desire.
  • Awaken your potential to remember your wholeness and reclaim the tender parts of yourself that most need to be loved.
  • Proclaim your right to personal safety, to emotional well-being, and to enjoy happy healthy relationships.

This book is for everyone touched by this experience—whether you’re finding your way through your own story, standing by someone who is, or offering professional support. Freedom from Shame offers a comprehensive path from the pain of the past to an authentic, joy-filled future.

Let’s take this step together, toward a life defined not by what has been, but by all that can be.

About the author

From the depths of childhood trauma to the joy of personal freedom, Leila Reyes embodies the transformative power of resilience, self-discovery, and liberation. Her experience has ignited a passionate mission to illuminate the path for others toward a life of happiness, fulfillment, and authentic self-expression. Armed with a master’s degree in social work and specialized training in Hakomi, a cutting-edge somatic psychotherapy, Leila has honed her skills as a beacon of transformation. As the lead coach for Your Year of Miracles, created by Marci Shimoff, with certifications in Spiritual Divorce and The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford, and specializing in Katherine Woodward Thomas’ True You Awakening process, Leila’s expertise is unparalleled. She has mastered the art of guiding individuals through the dark tunnels of their trauma-induced beliefs toward the light of their true potential. Leila’s journey is characterized by deep, transformative work, guiding clients through the quagmire of trauma-induced beliefs to reclaim their inherent wholeness. She guides her clients to forge deep connections with themselves, fostering an integration of their internal and external expressions revealing their true selves. Her clients emerge from their journey equipped to free themselves from the impact of trauma and create the enriching quality relationships and lives they long for. Leila’s contribution to her clients’ growth reflects her unwavering commitment to unveiling the true potential inside each person she guides.

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