Courageous Hearts: A Journey Through Alzheimer’s



Cyndy Noel shares her heartfelt journey as an Alzheimer’s caregiver along with the detours, challenges, and amazing encounters she experienced along the way. The pages of this book capture the deep love shared between her and her husband as well as how her life gained even greater depth and meaning along this transformative path.

Told with wisdom, grace, and compassion, this is an essential read for anyone on the care-giving journey as well as all those who support care givers. Readers will be inspired to rise to the challenges given to them and provided with both hope and a mindfulness perspective. Cyndy’s words are a testament to the resilience and strength of the heart and our capacity to love greatly and live fully.

In her younger days, Cyndy Noel loved to take long-distance bike rides with her brother. The ride required perseverance as there wasn’t always a long downhill stretch where they could relax and coast. Cyndy discovered the similarity between those rides and the journey of caring for her husband when he had Alzheimer’s. It too required persistence and determination. What was next could not be predicted and at times it was necessary to stop and deal with the unexpected events. Through it all, Cyndy did her best to stay balanced and keep pedaling no matter what happened.

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