Breast Cancer Can Stick It!



In 2010, at age 41, professional drummer April Samuels faced a significant challenge when diagnosed with high-grade, triple-negative breast cancer. Undeterred, she coined the motto “Breast Cancer Can Stick It!” and, after a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, she started a nonprofit with the same name. Her personal journey fuels her commitment to assisting others diagnosed with breast cancer through advocacy for awareness, early detection, and funding.

In this raw and honest book, Samuels shares her real-time journal and present-day reflections on the intense journey to triumphantly declare herself “CURED!”

About the author

April Samuels is a dynamic figure deeply immersed in the music industry, boasting a multifaceted career that spans drumming, band management, and fundraising. Since 1998, she has organized impactful events and raised awareness for various nonprofit organizations. She is a full-time drummer and the founder and executive director of Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation, Inc. Through her continued dedication, April Samuels rocks not only behind the drums but also in her relentless pursuit of supporting others and finding a cure for breast cancer.

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