Bee Unleashed: A Story Of Community



We all know that bees are hard workers and loyal to their community. This workbook describes the benefits of strong community bonds. The hive moves in a swarm, silently communicating with each other.
In Bee Unleashed, we move past the principles introduced in Butterflies Unleashed and start to dig deeper into the value of perspective, the importance of significance, and the beauty of grace. We’ll show you how building character has an influence on practicality. Building healthy communities and being a productive member of something bigger enriches your life. Nobody thrives in isolation.
A group of bees foraging for food are called sisters. Bee Unleashed is the perfect tool for women searching for community.
The importance of significance: we all long for significance and often try to gain it by doing what everyone else is doing. But there can be no significance when you’re hiding in the masses. Through Effort, Expectations, Endurance and Evaluation, we model the healthy way to achieve significance.
The value of perspective is priceless. We may not be able to control circumstances, but we have complete control over perspective. Lessons in Candor, Calibration, Contribution, and Consistency drive home perspective.
The beauty of grace shows us how to rise above and pushes us to be more. Stories of Respect, Resolution, Reveling, and Redemption illustrate that we want to do good things when we see good things.
With Bee Unleashed, you learn to thrive in the hive!

About the author

Having never had so much as a traffic ticketToby Dorr shocked the nation and shattered her appearance of perfection by helping a convicted murderer, a trainer in her prison dog program, escape in a dog crate. Her story is a lesson in perspective. Instead of focusing on everything she lost, Dorr made a conscious choice to use her twenty-seven months in prison as a period to reflect on her life, heal emotional wounds, plot a course for the future, and embrace the sisterhood of women she encountered behind bars. Far from easy, her prison sentence was gut-wrenching and devastating. But a revelation during a stay in suicide watch gave her renewed purpose and direction. Moving through drama, action, adventure, heartache, and redemption, Dorr bares her soul and tells a story of heartbreak, courage, grace, and transformation. While the escape made national headlines and captured the imaginations of an entire country, Dorr’s memoir is an inspirational invitation to look at life with self-acceptance and love. She pushes readers to move beyond the confines of their circumstances and live each moment with conviction, allowing its fullest, most beautiful potential to unfold. Download Toby Dorr's One Sheet Here Check out a quick FAQ section about Toby here.  

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