Asteroids In Human Design: Awakening The Feminine Archetype



The Human Design System arises out of four esoteric spiritual systems—the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakras, and Astrology. We describe them as ancient, but each of these systems has arisen within the last 5,000 years from patriarchal cultures.

Where is the wisdom from before that time, the millions of years when we were co-creating the truly human ways of living and loving, caring and connecting? It’s right there, hidden in plain view—the asteroids in your Human Design. They expose a potent feminine DNA and reveal your unique role in shifting culture away from the polarity of patriarchy.

This how-to book leads you on a journey of discovery including how to find which asteroids are most important to you, what they mean, and how to integrate their transformative power into your life.

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