Annie The Alchemist Learns To Ride A Bike



Annie the Alchemist watches her brother ride his bike every day. When she tries to ride it she doesn’t understand why she keeps falling off. Annie gets a visit from a very special teacher who helps her learn the Alchemist way to being great at riding a bike.
Read along as Annie learns about her Quantum Human Design© energy Type and HER way to learn to ride a bike.

“What is an energy Type?” asks Annie.

“It’s how your energy works and the special way for you to be you,” says Quantum Queen. “It helps you understand how you work best with other people, too.”

“Does my energy Type have a name?” asks Annie.

“Yes,” says Quantum Queen, “your energy Type is called an Alchemist.”

“What is an Alchemist?” asks Annie.

“Someone who uses their energy to work to build the world,” says Quantum Queen. “Alchemists wait for things that light up their body inside. Then when it’s the right time to start they practice it to become really good at it. When they are great at it they help build the world and make it better.”

About the author

Ellen is a retired schoolteacher/administrator, Quantum Human Design Specialist, and loves empowering children to be their authentic selves. She has a podcast and online school called Teaching Students by Design. Her passion is helping educators use the tool of Quantum Human Design with students so every child reaches their potential.

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