Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your Deepest Desires and Highest Calling


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Is your heart calling out to you, inviting you to take the next step in serving your life’s mission? In Activating the Flower of Love, you will embark on a sacred journey, partnering with the frequencies and codes of the Flower of Love—the creative feminine power of the Flower of Life.

This journey will support you in moving through any self-doubt or limiting beliefs so you may powerfully express your authentic inner self with confidence and clarity. Through potent activations, visualizations, and exercises you will be guided and inspired to transcend fear, deepen into the love for yourself, and step into the beauty of living your most extraordinary expression of self. From this grace-filled place of wholeness, you will learn how to easily manifest your desires around career, love, relationships, and finances. Now is the time to step into the fullness of who you are and co-create the life you have always wanted to lead.

Kim is a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, Master Healer, and Divine Teacher who helps people all around the globe to ascend and amplify their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light. Not only does she powerfully help souls align to their highest timeline, but she also aligns CEOs to New Earth Entrepreneurship.

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