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Terri Gervais

Terri Gervais is a Divine Transmitter, Scribe, and Quantum Light Practitioner. She brings in Sacred Architecture from higher dimensions to support the evolution of Planet Earth. In 2014, Diamond Grace came to her to begin their mission to reconnect the human race to grace. The State of Grace that humans were in millions of years ago. Together, they illuminate pathways for sacred journeys within and empower you to evolve how you view yourself. Through grace and compassion, they assist you in finding solace and awakening your internal radiance using Quantum Light. Dedicated and unwavering, Terri has traveled to many sacred sites known and unknown to create portals and grids to facilitate the newly resourced streams of consciousness that are here to increase cosmic light and love. She scribes books and sacred geometry that she hopes will reach everyone seeking a beautiful and abundant life.

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    Thousands of years ago, life on Earth was characterized by ease, abundance, and beauty, which then gave way to an era of discord, strife, and difficulty. We are now returning to a time where each human is being summoned to realign themself with the highest qualities of source energy. Guided by Diamond Grace, author Terri Gervais channels messages to realign and restore you to your true radiance.

    The pages of Return to Radiance are purposefully designed to create evolutionary change in how you perceive and interact with your life. Through a powerful series of meditations and activations, the eight facets of Diamond Grace are unearthed. These include nurturing and igniting physical radiance, as well as reconnecting to divine purpose and magnetizing wealth and wellness. By reclaiming these essential facets, you will journey back to wholeness, learning how to claim your truth, stand in your own beauty and experience a conscious life at its highest, most joyful level.

    The time of Diamond Grace is now.

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