Michael Wader

Michael Thomas Wader served 26 years in US Air Force as a Maintenance Technician, Superintendent of Maintenance, and Leadership Instructor. Since 1995 he has worked with more than 100 companies from different industries in 16 countries, helping them increase their competitiveness. He has coached and mentored hundreds of Senior Managers and Mid-level Managers who were responsible for implementing Lean techniques into their processes. His practical, energetic approach is particularly popular, while his speeches inspire employees and motivate them to implement positive changes in their organizations. He has coached and taught many corporate Leaders and Lean Production Experts in the U.S.A., India, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, and Malaysia. He the Senior Trainer with Expitris in Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia) and Michael is the President of Leadership Excellence International, Inc (USA). His home is in Colorado Springs, CO (USA) and he can be reached at mike@michaelwader.com