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Marilyn Miller Lowry

Marilyn Miller Lowry is a native Texan who grew up in inner-city Houston with humble beginnings, but her life has been far from ordinary. She has always been energetic and highly motivated to accomplish all she could in her lifetime, and according to a colleague, she had more job experiences than anyone he had ever known with a background in counseling and education. Currently, she is the owner and director of College Guidance Consultants—managing an online scholarship database—and thrives as a professional artist showcasing work on state, regional, and national levels.

Marilyn has been engaged in lifelong learning throughout the vast, varied experiences of her eighty-plus years.  And despite its elements of difficulty, her life-threatening stroke became the catalyst to magically inspire her to review her past, and to present its transformation as the beautiful, positive experience she now understands it was intended to be. And in doing so, she pledges to fully taste the present and prepare to savor the moments yet to come.

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    Will my world be limited to a bed and a wheelchair for the rest of my life? How will I be able to live my passion of helping others? Will I ever make beautiful art again?

    In January 2016, life took an unexpected turn for Marilyn Miller Lowry when a stroke abruptly had her asking those questions—and more.

    In the years since, Lowry examined her life and made dramatic changes that opened up more possibilities than she ever imagined. Grateful to be able to author A Stroke of Magic, Lowry uses her background as a counselor to share candid observations of the trauma that comes with unexpected physical disability.

    Stroke survivors and their loved ones will find a roadmap to healing in the eight gifts that come from a more magical and meaningful perspective:

    Self-love • Anger • Gratitude • Patient Resilience • Endings • Choosing Surrender • Restored Confidence • Hope

    Join Marilyn Miller Lowry as she shares how to turn life's challenges into stepping stones for a more authentic, joy-filled existence!

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