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Margaret Shebalin

Margaret’s purpose is to realize her unity with all life, and to help others discover the same truth. She uses her tremendous insight to ask the right questions, to help her clients clarify their purpose and to form and execute useful, productive plans. People who have made all kinds of “mistakes,” and who are tired of their own doubts and judgments, find Margaret to be extremely uplifting and helpful.

People who have been through the program with Margaret moved from chaos and confusion to knowing their purpose, and to getting rid of the blocks that held them back. While they progressed on their journey, Margaret kept them on track and encouraged them with her confidence that they would succeed.

Margaret knows how to manage stressful conditions. She trades stock and options, has started several businesses of her own, has skydived at 14,000 feet and scuba dived in the Pacific Ocean and, as a certified Advanced Firewalking Instructor, has led hundreds of people across the red-hot coals.

Margaret has been a Religious Scientist for over 20 years. She is a prosperity coach, a Master Prosperity Teacher, and a Transformational Coach. She has studied prosperity principles extensively. She has used her life as an experiment to prove these universal principles, and she has helped hundreds of people apply them to transform their lives.

Her credits include: licensed spiritual counselor, graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and Master Prosperity Teacher.

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