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Kim Barder

Kimberly Barder is a mother, intuitive healer, poet and author. She is currently serving the light alongside members of the Angelic Realm and The Ascended Masters of Light, bringing forth the raising of consciousness for herself, the human collective, for Mother Earth and for the highest good of all. Kim creates poetry and writings which facilitate healing on a soul level, always through the divine guidance of her inner being. Kimberly’s pursuits all have their essence in unity consciousness, love and compassion. She also loves walks on the beach, a good cup of tea and a great book to read.

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    If you are holding this book now and reading these words, please know that it is no coincidence.
    I invite you to join me on an amazing journey.
    While each person’s awakening, to the remembrance of All That Is dwells within, is their own unique experience, you will come to discover and know, on the pages that follow, that we are all connected.
    We are One.

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